If you’re looking to get your hands on the best weapon in Shi No Numa, here’s how to build your own Wunderwaffe for free in Vanguard Zombies!

Those familiar with Call of Duty Zombies games will recognize the Wunderwaffe from the original Shi No Numa. Since then, the powerful weapon has cropped up several more times, and the fan-favorite is back once again!

As in other recent Zombies maps, it’s possible to get your hands on the Wonder Weapon via the Mystery Box. However, it only enters the loot pool on Round 10, so don’t roll for it too early.

What’s more, it seems that you may only be able to get the Wunderwaffe after you build it for the first time!

Shi No Numa Wonder Weapon Vanguard Zombies

But never fear, we’ve got a full guide to building the Wunderwaffe below:

All Wunderwaffe Parts Locations in Shi No Numa Reborn

There are 3 parts to find for those looking to build the Shi No Numa Wonderwaffe. Here’s where to find them all, and what you need to do with each one.

Wunderwaffe Weapon Barrel Location

The Wunderwaffe Weapon Barrel can be found on a shelf in Fishing Hut.

Weapon Barrel Wunderwaffe

How to Charge the Weapon Barrel

Once you have it, take the Weapon Barrel to the Comm Room Exterior, and interact with the electrical green box. This will insert the Weapon Barrel into the box and you’ll have to defend the area from the undead for a short time.

Killing Zombies in the area will charge up the radio tower until the barrel is ready. After the event is over, don’t forget to grab your Weapon Barrel again!

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Wunderwaffe How to Charge Weapon Barrel

Wunderwaffe Vacuum Tube Location

If you’ve done the step above, next you’ll need to head inside the Comm Room and grab the Vacuum Tube from the radio.

Charged Vacuum Tube Shi No Numa

How to Use the Vacuum Tube

To charge your Vacuum Tube, wait until Zaballa spawns (it should happen every few rounds starting around Round 15). The special enemy will fire red lightning grenades at the player, and you’ll want them to hit the giant Tesla Coil in the Excavation Room.

You’ll know it’s charged and ready when the coil is sparking purple, and you can interact with it to grab your Vacuum Tube again.

Tesla Coil Shi No Numa

Wunderwaffe Fuse Location

The Wunderwaffe Fuse is located on a table in the Comm Room.

Wonderwaffe Fuse

How to Charge the Fuse

Head to Storage Hut and use the electric trap. After use, the fuse will burn out, allowing you to place the Wunderwaffe Fuse in its place.

Do so, and then turn it on and allow the trap to kill some zombies until the Fuse is charged.

How to Charge the Fuse in Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa: How to Build the Wunderwaffe DG-2

Once you have all the parts, head to Storage Hut to the Northwest of the map. Inside you’ll see a workbench with a blueprint for the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

You’ll need the Wunderwaffe to complete the full Shi No Numa Main Quest Easter Egg, so it’s time to get it ready.

Interact with it to build yourself the Shi No Numa Wonder Weapon without using the Mystery Box! And just like that, you’ve got your hands on the Wunderwaffe for free!

Now, why not stick it in the Shi No Numa Pack-a-Punch for a massive upgrade?

How to Build the Wunderwaffe
Credit: MrRoflWaffles

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