It’s time for the main event! Here’s how to complete the Shi No Numa Main Quest Easter Egg in Vanguard Zombies!

Vanguard Zombies just released its first official round-based map and Shi No Numa is looking better than ever before. Those familiar with COD Zombies modes might already think they know its ins and outs, but Vanguard has something new to offer.

First and foremost, there’s a creative new Shi No Numa Main Quest to discover! And only the best Zombies players among you will have what it takes to complete the story!

Shi No Numa Main Easter Egg Guide

Here’s how you complete the new Shi No Numa Main Quest Easter Egg in Vanguard Zombies, from start to finish:

  • First things first, you’ll need to build the Wunderwaffe in Shi No Numa. Our guide will let you do this for free!
  • We also recommend using the Shi No Numa Reborn Pack-a-Punch to ensure you’ve got another solid weapon too. After all, as good as the Wonder Weapon is, it’s got a lengthy reload time.
  • Beginning at Round 5, it’ll be a Boom-Schreier round. Kite these exploding enemies over to the Doctor’s Quarters Exterior and shoot them when they’re close to the big red pillar in the center.
  • This will blow up the pillar’s red growth outer casing, allowing you to progress.

Shi No Numa Cypher Wheel Guide

How to Assemble and Align Cypher Wheel Parts
  • Place all 3 in your newly-uncovered pillar and turn them to match the 3 symbols you uncovered from around the map.

How to Complete the Ceremony in Shi No Numa

  • Ensuring that you’ve got the Wunderwaffe, head to the glowing mini pillars nearby in Doctor’s Quarters Exterior and hold activate to ‘Start Ceremony’.
  • Note: If there are multiple players in your game, you’ll need to activate multiple glowing pillars at once, all in the Doctor’s Quarter Exterior.
Ceremony Shi No Numa
  • Survive the undead hordes while making sure to shoot Blue Zombies with the Wunderwaffe while they’re near the central pillar.
  • Get enough undead with your Wonder Weapon and you’ll complete the Ceremony. Fail and you’ll need to reactivate it again after a short cooldown. You need to be quick!

Where to Find the Mirror Pieces in Shi No Numa

Vercanna and Echo Shi No Numa
  • Head to Dig Site and assemble the mirror in the center of the area.

Shi No Numa Podium & Light Ball Guide

  • A number of podiums will then light up around the area, one for each player in the game.
  • Energize the podiums by interacting with them at the same time.
Energize Podium Shi No Numa
  • Each ball will launch into the air, requiring a player to follow it. Again, this task will multiply depending on the number of players in your lobby.
  • Chase each ball to where it falls, then shoot it. It will zoom to a new location. Keep it up until all balls arrive back at the Dig Site where they began.
  • Interact with the podiums once more (simultaneously if you’re in a group).
  • A cutscene will play, and then it’s time for the final boss fight.
Shi No Numa Echo Cutscene

Shi No Numa Boss Fight Guide: How to Beat Echo

  • In this boss fight, players will need the Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon once more. Make sure you have it!
  • Like during the Ceremony, you’ll need to shoot Blue Zombies with the Wunderwaffe when they’re near the mirror podium at the bottom of Dig Site.
  • You’ll also need to eliminate regular zombies as you go, to stop yourself from getting overwhelmed.
Shi No Numa Final Boss
  • Echo will be completely invincible during this time, until enough Blue Zombies have had their souls absorbed by the central podium. You should be able to see the transfer happening, if done correctly.
  • After enough Blue Zombies have been killed, a dome of blue energy will fill the area. At this point, Echo will become vulnerable, so focus fire on the boss!
Echo Vulnerable Shi No Numa
  • When she’s taken enough damage, the boss will become immune to your fire again. Simply repeat the process to make her vulnerable once more.
  • After 2-3 repetitions, Echo will be defeated!
  • There will be one final cutscene and then you can pick up the mirror which has been reformed.

Enjoy your feeling of victory, and your loot, the Shi No Numa Main Quest Easter Egg is complete!

You should get the Ray Gun as part of your endgame loot, but if not, here’s where to find the Ray Gun in Shi No Numa!

Thanks to MrRoflWaffles and NoahJ456 for providing us with everything we needed to know about the Easter Egg. Check out Noah’s full video walkthrough below:

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