The Indigo Disk is the second part of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC offering, but before starting it, you should know what level your Pokemon should be!

Before you start any Pokemon DLC, you will want to make sure that your party is at the right level. If your Pokemon are underleveled, then it will be far too hard, but you also don’t want to have Pokemon too powerful so that it is too easy.

That’s why we’ve got the recommended level for your Pokemon when starting The Indigo Disk DLC for Scarlet & Violet!

What Level Should You Be For The Indigo Disk DLC?

Before starting The Indigo Disk DLC, you will want to make sure your Pokemon are at level 70.

Fortunately, as you have to beat both the main story and the first DLC, The Teal Mask, before you begin The Indigo Disk, your ‘Mon will likely be at this level already.

The Indigo Disk Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC

The first battle you have in the Indigo Disk DLC is against Lacey. She has the following Pokemon on her team:

  • Minun (Level 70)
  • Plusle (Level 70)
  • Excadrill (Level 72)

Therefore, to stand a chance against her, you’ll need at least a few level 70 Pokemon on your team.

Pokemon The Indigo Disk Lacey

Of course, as The Indigo Disk goes on, you will face Pokemon who are above level 70. However, your Pokemon will also continue to level up too, making level 70 the right starting point for the DLC.

It is also worth noting that you won’t need to reach level 100 with any of your ‘Mon to finish The Indigo Disk, either.

By the end of the main story of the DLC, you’ll be coming up against Pokemon that are level 80-85. Therefore, having Pokemon around this level will be more than enough to get you through the battles against other trainers and defeat the final boss!

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