Pokemon Scarlet & Violet promises a robust collection of online features never before seen in previous titles!

GameFreak is trying to shake things up a bit, considerably expanding what players can do online in this next main Pokemon entry.

Aside from the usual trading and battling, thanks to this revamp, Pokemon trainers can expect much more meaningful online interactions on Paldea.

Here is everything you need to know about the online features available on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

All Online Features Available in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features the following online modes:

  • Tera Raid Battles
    • Tera Raid Battles allow players to group up with their friends and battle powerful Pokemon for a chance at catching them.
    • Features extra hard seven-star Raid Battles called Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles.
  • Union Circle – Four-Player Multiplayer
    • Allows up to four friends to beat and catch Tera Pokemon in Tera Raid battles.
    • Up to four players can explore open areas and towns, battle wild Pokemon, and show each other the Pokemon that walks along with them.
  • Poke Portal Pokemon Trades
    • Link Trades – Trade with a specific person (Friend Code needed).
    • Surprise Trades – Trade with a random Trainer around the world.
  • Poke Portal Link Battles (Battles with friends)
    • Battle friends in several battle formats.
  • Battle Stadium
    • Battle trainers around the world.
    • Features Casual Battles.
    • Ranked Battles will be available in December 2022.
    • Online Competitions will debut in Spring 2023.
  • Pokemon GO Connection
    • Allows players to get the Roaming Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO.
    • Does not allow players to transfer Pokemon directly from Pokemon GO.
    • Feature scheduled to release in 2023.
  • Mystery Gift Functionality
  • Pokemon HOME Support
    • Pokemon HOME support for Violet and Scarlet will let players transfer select Pokemon from past games into the Paldea Region.
    • Pokemon you can transfer to Scarlet and Violet will be limited to those that can appear in the games (updates about this feature will become available at a later date).
    • Feature scheduled for Spring 2023.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trading

What Online Features Will be Available at Launch?

Not all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet online features will be available at launch. These online components will be available in the game at launch:

  • Tera Raid Battles
  • Four-Player Multiplayer
  • Poke Portal Pokemon Trades
  • Poke Portal Link Battles
  • Battle Stadium Casual Battles
  • Mystery Gift Functionality

The following online features will be available at a later date:

  • Battle Stadium – Ranked Battles (December 2022)
  • Battle Stadium – Online Competitions (Spring 2023)
  • Pokemon GO Connection – 2023
  • Pokemon HOME Support – Spring 2023
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Online

What Do I Need to Use Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Online Features?

To enjoy all the online capabilities of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to:

  • Update your game to the latest version. Online features will be introduced with version 1.0.1 on launch day.
    • From the main menu on your Nintendo Switch, go to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet icon and press “+”.
    • Select “Software Update” with “A”. From this screen, you can also see the current software version in the upper left corner.
    • Select “Via the Internet” to get the latest software version.
Nintendo Switch Software Update
  • Have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. The online features in the game require you to have an active membership.
    • To review your Nintendo Switch Online membership status, tap or select (A button) the red Nintendo Online icon on the lower left corner of your Switch’s main menu.
    • Select your User.
    • Once the screen loads, select the “Membership Options & Support” option from the left menu bar.
    • Now, you will be able to see the status of your membership on the right corner of the screen.
    • If you do not have an active membership, you can purchase one here as well.
Nintendo Switch Membership Status

Do I Need Nintendo Switch Online to Play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Online?

Yes, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to take advantage of all the online features in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

You can download the latest updates and play the game in its entirety without the need for a membership.

Nonetheless, you will not be able to play with friends, trade, or take advantage of all the other online features.

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