The best weapon that you can take into a MW3 Zombies Tier 3 Zone isn’t even a gun – it’s a knife!

With MWZ having been out for a couple of weeks now, players have finally settled on a meta for Call of Duty’s newest Zombies mode.

The trickiest part of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is surviving in Tier 3. However, that’s the zone that has the best loot, so it’s important to know how to best prepare before heading in there.

That’s where MWZ’s best weapon comes in.

The Best Weapon for Tier 3 Bosses

The best weapon to take into Tier 3 of MW3 Zombies is either the Gutter Knife, Karambit, or Combat Knife! These melee weapons perform very similarly, but all deal huge damage when Pack-a-Punched multiple times.

With a fully kitted-out blade, you’ll be able to two-shot boss Zombies like Manglers and Mimics, even in the Tier 3 Zone!

And better still, you won’t have to worry about Zombies catching you, as you’ll be able to outrun them, while one-shotting any undead that comes close.

Gutter Knife in MW3 Zombies

Prepping Your Knife for Combat

  1. To prep your knife, raise its rarity using Aether Tools found throughout MWZ, most commonly in Reward Rifts for completed Contracts.
    • The higher a weapon’s Rarity, the more damage it will deal.
  2. After that, you’ll need to Pack-a-Punch your knife in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Zones respectively, or use Aetherium to immediately rank up your blade.
  3. You may also want to apply an Ammo Mod, which can be used on melee weapons despite their lack of ammo.

Once all steps are done, your knife will be an unstoppable zombie-killing machine.

Pack-a-Punch Tier 3 Knife Inspection in MWZ

Knife Advantages

  • Fast movement speed
    • Tier 3 Zombies are extremely fast and will catch up to players who are using guns. However, using a knife actually increases your movement speed. Combine this with a Stamin-Up can and you’ll outpace any undead easily!
  • No ammo to worry about
    • Tier 3 Zombies rarely drop ammo but take many bullets to kill, leading to a shortage of ammunition in the zone. Knives don’t use ammo, letting you swing away without a care!
  • Massive damage to easily take down bosses
    • Boss zombies such as Manglers, Mimics, and Disciples will each take only 2 or 3 hits to eliminate, making Bounties a breeze.

Knife Disadvantages

  • Only able to kill a single zombie at a time
    • These weapons are single-hit tools, meaning you’ll only take down one zombie with each swing. However, you will swing fast, dropping several enemies before one has time to hit you.
  • Not so effective against hordes of Zombies
    • Knives will offer little in the way of AOE damage, but an Ammo Mod like Shatter Blast can cause enemies to hurt others as they die.
  • Not a ranged option

As shown in this video demonstration by Glitching Queen, a fully kitted-out knife is surprisingly lethal. The YouTuber even goes on to show the blade holding its own against the Mega Abomination!

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