MWZ players have just found one of the best weapons in MW3 Zombies, and it is not any of the Wonder Weapons.

Taking on the horde of Tier 3 zombies will require a lot of firepower. They have tons of health, move extremely quick, and can deal lots of damage. However, with this Pack-a-Punched gun, you can mow them down easily.

So, let’s dive into which weapon this is and how powerful it can be against the undead army in Urzikistan.

One of MWZ’s Best Weapons

When fully Pack-a-Punched, the Crossbow in MW3 with the Thermite Bolt attachment is one of the most effective and powerful weapons in MWZ.

The burning effect of the thermite bullets can kill the special and elite zombies faster than other weapons in the game.

The attachment you will want to equip is called the “Brightblaze 20″ Bolts.” If you don’t have it unlocked already, you must complete 2 Daily Challenges through the Armory system to get it.

You can attach the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod to the weapon to make it even more powerful! Also, PHD Flopper is a must-have perk to negate the fire damage.

MWZ Thermite Bolts for Best Weapon

Of course, to have this weapon be as effective as possible, you will need it to be Tier 3 Pack-a-Punched and have the Legendary rarity on it.

However, with the latest duplication glitch in MWZ, you will have no issues stocking up on Legendary Aether Tools and Flawless Aetherium Crystals.

We have certainly had fun using it in-game by easily taking out Tier 3 Mega Abominations! You can view just how powerful the Crossbow can be by watching the video below:

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