Longtime Call of Duty fans are in for a treat as the Shipment map is coming to MW3 next week and will be part of its very own 24/7 playlist called Rustment.

The fan-favorite map has appeared in many iterations of the Modern Warfare series and was first released in the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It more recently appeared in 2022’s MW2.

There’s not long to wait until fans can delve into frantic close-quarters combat in an all-new playlist for MW3. Players can’t wait to dive in!

the Shipment map from MW2

When Does It Release?

The Rustment playlist released in MW3 on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Rustment is now live in Call of Duty MW3!

MW3 dev Sledgehammer Games originally revealed that the Shipment map would be returning at the start of Season 1 in a recent Reddit AMA. However, Shipment is coming much sooner than expected, way ahead of Season 1’s release in early December.

This means you have less than a week until you get to play this frantic close-quarters playlist to your heart’s content!

Rust and Shipment maps for Rustment 24:7 Playlist in MW3

What is Rustment?

Rustment is a new 24/7 playlist coming to Modern Warfare 3 that features two iconic maps from the original Modern Warfare title: Rust and Shipment.

There is already a 24/7 Rust playlist that players can try out right now, but Rustment adds the much-anticipated Shipment map into the fold.

Both Rust and Shipment are iconic maps in the Modern Warfare series, that offer chaotic close-quarters action.

MW3 Rust Map

According to the playlist information in-game, Rustment will consist of 6v6 Mosh Pit game modes for both maps. Here are the confirmed game modes for Rustment:

  • Kill Confirmed
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Team Deathmatch
MW3 Rustment Game Modes

Fan Response

Modern Warfare fans seem really happy with the return of Shipment and the Rustment 24/7 playlist for MW3.

Many enjoy both maps in the playlist due to the over-the-top action that can be experienced in any given game. This player believes Shipment’s map design does a lot to eradicate some of MW3’s multiplayer issues:

byu/VVait from discussion

Much like Rust, the Shipment map is a great place to grind and level your weapons and unlock Camos. The layout in both maps is ideal to get lots of kills quickly, allowing you to rack up weapon XP in no time.

This Reddit user plans on playing Shipment as a way to get Camos and level their guns so they can use them in Warzone:

byu/VVait from discussion

Others are less optimistic about the inevitable Camo grind that this playlist will encourage. This user criticizes the game’s Camo system and finds it “ridiculous” that players need to resort to maps like Shipment to unlock desirable cosmetics for their weapons:

byu/VVait from discussion

However you may feel about the frantic Rustment playlist, you’ll get a chance to dive into the chaos when it releases on November 30!

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