A true blast from the past, an iconic location from the original MW2 Multiplayer map Estate is returning in MW2 Season 3.

Those that remember the glory days of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009) Multiplayer will no doubt remember Estate as Makarov’s safe house in the Caucasus Mountains.

A mansion on the top of a hill in a woodland area, this was the site of General Shepard’s devastating betrayal, as well as some of MW2’s best Spec Ops and Multiplayer experiences.

Pelayo’s Lighthouse Map Features Estate Mansion in MW2 Season 3

While Estate hasn’t been completely remade, the iconic mansion section seems to have been faithfully recreated in the Season 3 map ‘Pelayo’s Lighthouse’.

This is the best the location has ever looked, though it also featured in Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered back in 2020.

Estate Mansion in MW2 Season 3
Estate Mansion Remake in MW2 2022

For the most part, it seems that Estate’s mansion is a faithful recreation of the original MW2 map. However, players shouldn’t expect a direct remake of the arena as they remember it.

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Estate Map MW2 2009 Comparison

Here’s a similar shot of the lobby area from MW2 2009. As you can see, there have already been a few major changes, though the layout remains much the same.

Estate in MW2 2009
Estate in MW2 2009

But seeing as outside the mansion is an entirely new lighthouse setting, we don’t expect the greenhouse or surrounding area to be what we’re used to.

We can only hope that the upstairs and basement segments remain faithful to the original experience. However, when heading out what should have been the mansion’s front door, players will instead find this new room that appears to be under contruction.

Estate in MW2 Multiplayer
New Area in Estate Remake

For now, our only look at the Estate remake in MW2 has been in this footage from FaZe Dirty who was given the chance to show off the returning Intervention sniper (FJX Imperium) on the Pelayo’s Lighthouse map.

You can see the limited in-game footage in the video below:

When Activision reveals the map in an official blog post, or we learn more, we’ll update this article.

In the meantime, this popular Reddit post by IamEclipse shows that while the mansion may look similar, Pelayo’s Lighthouse is in no way a remake of the original map:

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