Everyone’s favorite Call of Duty sniper is back in Warzone 2 & MW2 Season 3 – here’s how to unlock the FJX Imperium (AKA the Intervention).

This powerful bolt-action sniper rifle made its debut in the original Modern Warfare 2 (2009) and we’re glad to see the developers haven’t forgotten how iconic it is after all this time.

How to Unlock the Intervention in Warzone 2 & MW2

To unlock the FJX Imperium / Intervention, players must complete the C4 sector in the Warzone 2 / MW2 Season 3 Battle Pass.

Alternatively, players will be able to unlock the weapon quickly by looting it from an enemy or having a friend drop it in DMZ and then successfully extracting.

As soon as the weapon's exact location in the Season 3 Battle Pass is revealed, we'll update this article.
FJX Imperium Sniper MW2 Warzone 2

We don’t currently know where in the Battle Pass the weapon will appear but it will be free for all players. Using the new choice-based system players will also be able to make a beeline straight for the new weapon should they choose.

When Season 3 comes to an end, the FJX Imperium will be unlockable through an in-game challenge that is yet to be revealed. You won’t miss out on unlocking the sniper rifle whether you play Season 3 or not.

Finally, Activision is already teasing a Blueprint version of the Intervention, meaning that a Store Bundle will likely let you unlock the gun right from Season 3’s launch day.

Intervention Blueprint in MW2 Warzone 2

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How to Unlock the FJX Imperium

Here are all ways to unlock the FJX Imperium sniper rifle in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2:

  • Complete its Battle Pass sector
  • Extract the gun in DMZ
  • Purchase its Store Bundle
  • Complete an in-game challenge (after Season 3)
How to Unlock the FJX Imperium
Credit: FaZeDirty

Fastest Way to Unlock the Intervention / FJX Imperium

The fastest way to unlock the new sniper rifle is to have a friend who has already unlocked the gun load into DMZ with you.

Once in-game, have the friend drop their weapon for you to pick up, then immediately head to extraction. Once you leave DMZ successfully, you’ll have the Intervention unlocked in your gunsmith.

This tried-and-tested method let players easily unlock the ISO Hemlock and KV Broadside, as well as the Crossbow in Season 2. However, finding a partner who already has the weapon unlocked can be tricky at the start of the season.

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