Best Buy is currently live with a PlayStation Portal Restock! If you want to get your Portal from this retailer, now is the time to act.

Best Buy PlayStation Portal Drop Has Ended

The PlayStation Portal Best Buy restock has ended! This drop started at 12:30 PM ET and ended at 1:32 PM ET.

In contrast to Best Buy’s last restock, this one was more successful, with a few confirmed purchases. Nonetheless, it is far from being as thriving as other bigger drops like PS Direct’s restocks.

  • Product Page: PlayStation Portal at Best Buy
  • Restock Start Hour: 12:30 PM ET
  • Date: January 25, 2024
  • Currently Live: Yes
  • Ending Time: 1:32 PM ET
Currently, this restock is over.
You are in Line Best Buy PlayStation Portal

This restock marks the second attempt of Best Buy at an online drop, with the first one being a January 24 restock that ended up in disappointed customers.

This previous restock also led the retailer to make some changes on their checkout system. According to the PS Portal’s product page this updated checkout reservation system should increase customer’s odds of getting a unit.

Best Buy PlayStation Portal

Thus far, there have been few confirmations of successful purchases. However, there are certainly more signs of success than with the previous drop.

It seems the updated reservation system served its purpose, making it easier to hold a unit through the checkout process.

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