After much time without an online drop, Best Buy restocked PlayStation Portal units on its site. However, this regional drop ended up almost instantly, disappointing many.

Best Buy’s Latest PlayStation Portal Drop Let Down Customers

The latest PlayStation Portal drop from Best Buy had only a few units under regional availability and ended up with almost no confirmed orders.

This restock happened in two batches, one occurring at 10:14 AM ET and a second drop taking place at 12:15 PM ET. Sadly, both restocks ended with the same disappointing results.

Best Buy PlayStation Portal Restock January 24

Gamers who rushed to the checkout immediately confirmed that they had issues adding their Portal unit to the cart. On the other hand, others received a “You’re In Line” message, while nothing else happened.

However, it seems Best Buy has noticed these checkout problems and added a “High Demand Product” disclaimer on the PS Portal’s product page to let customers know how to increase their odds of getting a unit.

On this drop, the most unlucky customers were met by a “Sold Out” message on screen. Even though many of them were there at the first minute, chance wasn’t on their side.

PlayStation Portal Sold Out Best Buy January 24 Restock

This is mainly because it seems that the restock was purely regional. In essence, this means that some stores probably didn’t have units or were assigned a minimal number of PlayStation Portals.

Best Buy PlayStation Portal Restock Comments

Hopefully, the following online restock will yield better results!

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