Prepare to embark on an exciting quest in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 as you hunt down the elusive Transformers Tokens.

Brace yourself for an adventure as we reveal the locations of all these tokens, ensuring you conquer every challenge thrown your way.

Discovering these collectibles is a great way to earn XP in the Weekly quests, so if you have the Battle Pass, you can unlock Optimus Prime as soon as possible!

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All Transformers Token Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

The Transformers Tokens in Fortnite can be found along an in-game race track. This track will lead from the frozen lake West of Brutal Bastion to the far East of Rumble Ruins.

The snowy biome will contain the first six tokens, while the new jungle area will hold the last seven tokens.

You can find all thirteen tokens within the rectangular box depicted in the image below.

Transformers Tokens Area Fortnite

First Six Transformers Tokens

  1. Found to the East of the northeast snowy island on the frozen lake.
  2. Continue straightforwardly following the track to find No. 2.
  3. Continue in the same direction to locate the third token.
  4. Head slightly southwest toward the cabin, and the fourth will be outside.
  5. Travel West over to the opposite side of the cabin for the fifth token.
  6. The sixth is found south of the waterfall, on the edge of the snowy and jungle biome.
First Six Transformers Tokens Fortnite

Last Seven Transformers Tokens

  1. Found on the dirt path leading south from No. 6
  2. Follow the path south for No.8.
  3. Located directly East of the Creeky Compound POI name beside the large trees.
  4. It can be discovered at the north of the snowy area in the jungle biome.
  5. It will be located in the southern part of the snowy area in the jungle biome
  6. It is on the mud path leading south towards the river.
  7. Found on the opposite side of the river by the ancient temple.
Last Six Tokens
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