Warzone has just reduced the player count of the Massive Resurgence playlist from 150 to 100 players, and fans are very unhappy.

One of the best parts about Warzone’s Massive Resurgence mode is how chaotic the mode is. If you’re looking to drop into the Battle Royale, switch your brain off, and have some mindless fun, then this is the mode for you.

But now, Infinity Ward has announced that Massive Resurgence is reducing its total player count to just 100 players per match. And it seems that change has had a major impact on the game’s community…

Warzone Reduces Massive Resurgence Lobbies From 150 to 100 Players

On October 18, Activision announced that it was adjusting the Massive Resurgence player count from 150 to 100 players in Warzone.

This was immediately the cause of a major outcry amongst the Call of Duty community, who protested that the mode’s main draw was its chaotic nature.

The response to the change was so severe that Infinity Ward felt the need to issue a statement just under a day later, explaining why the change was made to the fan-favorite mode.

Why Did Massive Resurgence Player Count Get Reduced?

According to Infinity Ward, developer of Modern Warfare 2, the player count for Massive Resurgence was reduced due to player feedback regarding The Haunting event.

Allegedly, players were complaining that, with all of The Haunting activities added to the mode, the large-scale Resurgence mode was now “a bit too chaotic.”

It’s certainly true that the mode was chaos – with players constantly redeploying and multiple squads taking on the new Warzone boss fights all at once.

And on top of that, the Halloween jumpscares are back once again, occasionally popping up whenever players open a supply box.

But for many players, that’s the beauty of the mode. And reducing the player count appears to have been met with an almost unanimously negative reception.

However, there’s good news for fans of the playlist:

As soon as The Haunting comes to an end (on November 6, 2023) Massive Resurgence will return to its usual 150-player lobbies.

That is, if Activision doesn’t bow to the pressure and switch things back sooner.

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