If you’re having trouble with the 2023 Pokemon GO World Championships Research Task that asks you to ‘use 5 Charged Attacks’, here’s how to fix it.

From now until 8 PM local time on August 15, Pokemon GO players can complete special Research, courtesy of the Pokemon GO World Championships.

However, one task is giving players a little more trouble than intended!

Here’s why the ‘Use 5 Charged Attacks’ Research Task isn’t working in Pokemon GO, and how to get it to track properly:

How to Fix ‘Use 5 Charged Attacks’ Not Tracking in Pokemon GO

To get your ‘Use 5 Charged Attacks’ Research Task to track, you’ll actually need to use 5 Supereffective Charged Attacks in Pokemon GO.

It seems that the term ‘Supereffective’ was accidentally left out of the Research Task text, which has led to a great deal of confusion.

Update: This Research Task has now been fixed and correctly displays 'Use 5 Supereffective Charged Attacks'
Use 5 Charged Attacks Pokemon GO Task

What Are Charged Attacks in Pokemon GO?

Charged Attacks are the more powerful attacks that each Pokemon can use in Pokemon GO battles.

To use a Charged Attack in battle, players must repeatedly tap the screen to use Fast Attacks. Then, when the Charged Attack icon has filled up at the bottom of the screen, press it and follow the on-screen instructions to power up your attack.

These instructions will be different depending on the Charged Attack’s typing, but they all revolve around tracking a number of icons on-screen in order to make your attack more potent.

A Supereffective Charged Attack requires players to strategize a little more, by sending out a Pokemon that has a move that’s strong against the opposing trainer’s Pokemon.

Supereffective Charged Attack in Pokemon GO

Thankfully, the ‘Use 5 Charged Attacks’ Research Task can be completed in both the GO Battle League and Team GO Rocket battles.

We’d advise taking on GO Rocket Grunts where possible, as they will be easier to counter due to hinting at their team’s typing before the fight.

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