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Pokemon GO: How to Win Regieleki Elite Raids, Best Counters & Weaknesses

You'll need some powerful Ground-types to beat Regieleki Elite Raids!

The Electric-type Regi has finally arrived in Pokemon GO, but if you want to catch Regieleki, you’ll have to defeat it in an Elite Raid battle!

To defeat Regieleki in Pokemon GO Elite Raids comfortably, you will want to battle it with a team of at least seven high-level Pokemon trainers. These players should also all be using strong Ground-type Pokemon to counter Regieleki.

Additionally, you’ll need to battle Regieleki in person, as you have to with all Elite Raid bosses.

Find out the date and times for Regieleki Elite Raids in Pokemon GO so you don’t miss this new Legendary Pokemon.

What Type is Regieleki?

Regieleki is a pure Electric-type Legendary Pokemon, making it tough to counter.

Electric-types have just one weakness and three resistances to consider when battling them.

Regieleki Elite Raid Pokemon GO Stadium

Regieleki Weaknesses

Regieleki is only weak to Ground-type attacks in Pokemon GO, and any Ground-type attack will deal 160% damage to it.

Therefore, to maximize your damage, you will want to use an entire team of Ground-type Pokemon when taking on Regieleki in Elite Raids.

Find out the best Ground-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO so you can easily beat this Elite Raid boss!

Regieleki Resistances

Regeieleki resists the following three types of attacks in Pokemon GO:

  • Electric
  • Flying
  • Steel

All of these attack types deal 63% damage to Regieleki, so you will want to avoid using Pokemon of these types when battling it.

New Elite Raids Regieleki Pokemon GO

Best Pokemon to Counter Regieleki in Elite Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Regieleki are powerful Ground-types like Garchomp, Excadrill, Rhyperior, Mamoswine, and Groudon. This is because Ground-type attacks deal 160% damage to Regieleki.

We also highly recommend you use either Primal Groudon or Mega Swampert to boost the attack of your other Ground-type Pokemon for the Raid.

These are the top 10 counters to use in Regieleki Elite Raids and their strongest attacks:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Primal GroudonPrimal Groudon Pokemon GOMud ShotPrecipice Blades
GarchompGarchomp Pokemon GOMud ShotEarth Power
ExcadrillExcadrill Pokemon GOMud-SlapEarthquake
GroudonGroudon Pokemon GOMud ShotPrecipice Blades
Landorus (Therian Forme)Landorus Therian Forme Pokemon GOMud ShotEarthquake
RhyperiorPokemon GO RhyperiorMud-SlapEarthquake
MamoswinePokemon GO MamoswineMud-SlapHigh Horsepower
Landorus (Incarnate Forme)Landorus Pokemon GOMud ShotEarth Power
GolurkGolurk Pokemon GOMud-SlapEarthquake
KrookodileKrookodile Pokemon GOMud-SlapEarthquake

Regieleki is the final of the six Legendary Regis to come to Pokemon GO. Check out the list of every Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO to see which ones you still need to add to your Pokedex!

Regieleki Elite Raid Pokemon GO

But when you’re farming Raid Battles, make sure you know whether or not Regieleki can be shiny in Pokemon GO!

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