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Pokemon GO: Can You Catch Shiny Kleavor?

Can Kleavor be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, you can catch shiny Kleavor in Pokemon GO, but encountering one is very rare.

After defeating Kleavor in a 3-star Raid, there is a low chance of the Kleavor you encounter being the rare shiny version. When Kleavor makes its Pokemon GO debut it will have boosted shiny odds, making the shiny version more likely to appear.

At the moment, the only time you can catch Kleavor is during the Pokemon GO Kleavor Raid Day. Make sure you don’t miss out, as this Pokemon likely won’t return any time soon!

Pokemon GO developer Niantic doesn’t usually add the shiny versions of new Pokemon to the game straight away, but Kleavor is clearly an exception. Find out whether you can catch the shiny version of other recently-added Pokemon:

Kleavor Raid Day Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Kleavor?

The shiny version of Kleavor is a bright green color with some gold details on its legs, neck, and body.

Even if the rocks on its face, shoulders, and axes stay dark brown, this new color scheme makes it appear very different to the light brown and beige standard version of Kleavor.

While Kleavor isn’t a Legendary Pokemon, its shiny version will certainly be one of the rarest in the game. This is because it will initially only be available to catch for a few hours.

If you’re after some more rare shinies, check out our list of every Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. This will tell you which of the dozens of Legendaries have a shiny version!

Normal and Shiny Kleavor Pokemon GO
Kleavor (left) and shiny Kleavor (right)

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