Modern Warfare 3’s Carry Forward system is bringing over weapons, skins, and more from MW2 to MW3, but do Double XP Tokens also transfer to the new game?

Double XP Tokens, and particularly Double Weapon XP Tokens, are extremely handy when a new COD title launches.

With an armory of new guns to unlock and upgrade, getting a boost with leveling up never hurts.

Thankfully, those who already have some Double XP Tokens in MW2 are in luck!

Do MW2 Double XP Tokens Transfer to MW3?

Yes, Double XP and Double Weapon XP Tokens will transfer over from MW2 to MW3. The Tokens will be usable in both Modern Warfare games and Warzone right away.

Players won’t have to use up their tokens in a hurry before the new COD game launches on November 10, 2023.

In fact, we’d recommend saving all your Double XP Tokens for now, in order to get a headstart in the new Call of Duty title.

Double XP Tokens in Call of Duty

Players won’t have to do anything to make the transfer happen either. All Double XP Tokens should be ready and waiting for you the first time you boot up Modern Warfare 3.

Unfortunately, they will still count down from the moment you activate them, including in lobbies and while searching for a match.

It appears that’s one issue that Activision isn’t willing to fix, no matter how many fans complain about the feature.

What’s more, it may actually be a little harder to get Double XP Tokens in MW3, at least going by what we know so far.

Even the Monster Energy x MW3 promotion only has limited Double XP on offer – instead giving fans some Monster-themed skins to unlock!

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