There’s a new infinite money glitch in MW3 Zombies that will let you reach the maximum essence possible in every game of MWZ.

One of the biggest limiting factors in MW3 Zombies is just how difficult its Tier 3 zone can be. Going into the red area of the MWZ map is a death sentence for any who are unprepared.

But with credits relatively hard to come by, it can be a real grind for those looking to explore all Urzikstan has to offer. Thankfully, this new infinite money glitch will have you starting with 999,999 essence in every game of MW3 Zombies.

How to Do the Infinite Money Glitch

To get infinite money in MW3 Zombies, all you need to do is die after drinking a Tombstone Soda can, while in a squad of at least 2 players.

When a player dies after having the Tombstone Soda Perk, all their belongings are left at a grave site and can be reclaimed easily in the following game.

You even get a handy marker on the map, in case you forgot where you died.

Tombstone Stash Grave in MW3 Zombies

However, it appears that something strange happens to the amount of essence you receive back from the grave.

Instead of simply getting back the number of essence you had when you got downed, you’ll instead get significantly more.

It appears that you’ll receive back double the amount of essence when in teams of two, or up to triple the amount when in a full squad of three.

Money in MW3 Zombies
After dying with 3,000 essence, reclaiming my Tombstone lead to receiving 10,000 back

What’s more, you can even drop the extra essence from your inventory, allowing others to pick up the cash for themselves.

You can’t extract and keep your essence but it’s worth noting that you do convert exfil essence into XP when leaving a game. If you exfil with the full 999,999 essence, that’s equivalent to 99,999 XP!

Get Tombstone Soda Every Game

There’s a very easy method to help you get the necessary Tombstone Soda Perk for free every game, and all you’ll need is a sniper rifle to help you do it!

  1. First, head to one of these rooftops in Al-Dahr Estates, on the south end of the map
  2. Then, aim at the crane to the south and look for a blue stuffed bunny sitting high out of sight
Where to Get Free Tombstone Soda in MW3 Zombies
  1. While aiming at the bunny through your scope, press Up on the D-Pad or middle-mouse button to Ping it
  2. Landing the Ping exactly on the bunny will lead to it jumpscaring you right up in your sniper scope
Getting Jumpscared and a Free Tombstone Soda Perk in MWZ
  1. Then, a Reward Rift will spawn, containing a Tombstone Soda Perk Can!

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a way to get every single Perk in MW3 Zombies for free – it’s not just Tombstone Soda that has an Easter egg!

Of course, you can also purchase Tombstone Soda from its vending machine instead. The Perk will spawn in a random vending machine spawn location, but it’s visible from the map.

Tombstone Soda Perk Machine in MWZ

It’s very likely that Activision will patch this exploit before long.

However, unless the company wipes all your belongings, you’ll be able to hold onto your infinite money for as long as you maintain your supply of Tombstone Soda in MW3 Zombies!

Enjoy Pack-a-Punching to your heart’s content!

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