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The PlayStation Portal may be out of stock right now, but Sony fans will have another chance to get the device in time for Christmas! If you’re still struggling to buy the PlayStation Portal, you’re not alone!

The handheld remote play device surprised many consumers by almost immediately selling out shortly after release – but don’t resort to buying from a reseller just yet!

After all, we already have news on the next confirmed PS Portal restock, and it isn’t a long wait.

When Will the PS Portal Restock?

According to PlayStation Direct, the next PS Portal restock is expected in early December 2023.

The latest PlayStation Portal restock went live on Wednesday, November 22, 2023 for the UK version of PS Direct. However, it was only in stock for under 5 minutes.

PS Direct in the US is reporting that more details on stock availability will be coming in ‘early December.’

PS Direct Restock for the PlayStation Portal

For that reason, we’re optimistic that Sony fans will have a chance to purchase the PS Portal again before Christmas. But given how fast the UK version of the site sold through its stock, we recommend paying close attention to the webpage in the leadup to Christmas.

When they do arrive back in stock, one of the best places to pick them up will be the PlayStation website, so keep these links to hand:

However, while PS Direct appears optimistic that more stock is on the way, it isn’t able to give us an exact date.

These retailers also sell the PS Portal, but are currently out of stock:

We'll update this article as soon as more details on a PlayStation Portal restock arrive.

No Need for Resellers

Right now, the PlayStation Portal is being scalped heavily, with many buyers purchasing the device with the hopes of reselling it for a huge mark-up.

We’re already seeing the PS Portal being sold for insane prices on eBay, indicating that some consumers are desperate to get their hands on the remote play device.

However, we recommend not panic-buying just yet. There’s still plenty of time and indication that the new hardware will resurface before the holidays.

That said, we anticipate scalpers will be just as eager to snatch up the next wave of stock, so stay tuned for further updates.

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