After many players waited for the online The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders to go live, the retailer announced it would only have an in-store presale.

The Zelda TOTK Switch OLED online listing at GameStop’s site stated: “Presale in store only.”

Additionally, after updating this listing, GameStop shared an official post on Twitter announcing that this console could only be pre-ordered at their local stores.

As of right now, people are already confirming successful pre-orders at their local GameStop stores.

How to Get a TOTK Nintendo Switch Pre-Order at GameStop Store

  • Get the number of your local GameStop store and call beforehand to make sure they still have available Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED units available for pre-order.
    • You can find the stores nearest to your location using the GameStop store locator. This tool provides the address and phone numbers of each store in your vicinity.
    • Additionally, you can also call GameStop’s customer service phone line (1-800-883-8895) if you can’t use the Store locator.
    • Ask how much stock they have left to evaluate if it is worth going to that location compared to nearby ones that might have more units.
    • Also, if you are interested in pre-ordering the TOTK Pro Controller or Carrying Case, ask if they have any available units for presale at that location so you can get all your items in a single store.
  • Once you have confirmed your store has enough consoles, go and place the pre-order. Make sure you go with enough time to spare, as queues might form.

Nonetheless, if GameStop is not an option for you, pre-orders for the Tears of the Kingdom OLED are already going live from other retailers.

Nintendo Switch OLED Tears of the Kingdom Portable Mode

GameStop TOTK Switch OLED In-Store Queues

Thus far, gamers have not confirmed excessive queues at GameStop to pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED.

However, just out of caution, go with enough time to spare as this can be a different situation depending on the store. There are very few mentions of long waits on social media, with the longest being a few hours long.

And while some players are not reporting long queues, they are being inconvenienced by technical issues in-store.

In particular, this GameStop customer reported their store did not have the SKU for the Tearks of the Kingdom Switch OLED in their system, making it impossible to pre-order at that location.

Fortunately, at least at this location, this gamer could pre-order a copy of Tears of the Kingdom as part of the possible deposit for the console.

Lastly, some lucky gamers are already sharing their luck, confirming they were able to get a console pre-order at their local GameStop.
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