Getting Top 200 in Squad Battles is a difficult achievement in FC 24, but the rewards are worth doing so. However, cheaters are ruining the chance for players to reach it.

You have 32 games each week to gather as many points as possible. The higher the difficulty you play on, the more you will earn.

Imagine working hard to get as many points per game as possible. You win all of them on the highest difficulty, but even after all of these matches, you still fall short. That is what is happening.

Getting Top 200 is nearly impossible as the leaderboard is filled with cheaters seemingly getting near the maximum amount of points per game.

Top 200 Squad Battles Are Filled with Cheaters

The FC 24 Squad Battles Top 200 consists of players getting between 3100 and 3400 points per game. This means they are essentially getting maximum points while playing on Ultimate difficulty.

While there is a possibility that they are achieving this, from our time playing Ultimate Team, we believe it is highly improbable. They are likely cheating.

Additionally, many of the names in the Top 200 consist of random letter spam, which suggests that they are throwaway accounts used to build up a large coin balance and sell their in-game currency.

Top 200 Squad Battles
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Ultimate difficulty is challenging to play against. The AI keeps possession, rarely makes mistakes, and is tough to get the ball off.

Pro players such as Tekkz have even struggled to defeat this AI difficulty.

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In previous games, such as FIFA 23, playing on Legendary was often enough to make your way into the Top 200. However, with these suspected cheaters, you must play on Ultimate to have a chance. Even in doing so, it is very challenging to maximize your points.

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One of the biggest problems could be the shared leaderboard between console and PC players. This is the first game where PlayStation, Xbox, and PC compete on the same rankings.

Using third-party software is much easier to implement on PCs as they are open platforms. It is an issue that players in the community have been noticing.

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Only time will tell if this issue will be addressed so actual players can make the Top 200 in Squad Battles. The rewards are exciting and are worth playing for.

However, if cheaters will outdo your hard work, there is no point in attempting to make the leaderboard at the moment.

Top 200 Squad Battles Rewards
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