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Call of Duty: Zombies World Championship 3 – Everything We Know

Zombies World Championship 3 was recently announced, and the Zombies community is as excited as ever. This year will the third iteration of this fan-favorite event.

This article will cover everything we know so far about Zombies World Championship 3.

What Is Zombies World Championship?

Zombies World Championship Logo Call of Duty Zombies eSports event
ZWC Logo

Zombies World Championship (ZWC) is an eSports event for Call of Duty Zombies created by Jose Salazar and Matt Cobuzio. It is the largest event for Call of Duty Zombies players to test their skills to earn cash prizes.

Back in 2017, the first-ever Zombies World Championship event was held in Los Angeles on August 19th.

Hosted by YouTubers McSportzHawk and LonelyMailbox, this event became an instant hit with the community. The first event had a prize pool of $20,000.

In 2018, Zombies World Championship happened once again in Los Angeles; this time hosted by YouTubers McSportzHawk, MrRoflWaffles, and other guest hosts. This event had a larger prize pool than the first event at $30,000.

Zombies World Championship prize pool money Call of Duty Zombies eSports
ZWC2 Winner (via @officialzwc on Twitter)

After taking some time off, they have set their sights on a new location for this year's event. Zombies World Championship 3 will be held at the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event will take place May 14th-16th. Given that it's quite a way off yet, it's very possible that the event will include the new Cold War Zombies map leaks that may be dropping in Season 2.

Zombies World Championship Exclusive Interview

Division Z Podcast and Zombies World Championship interview Call of Duty zombies eSports

I had the opportunity to interview Jose Salazar, Michael, and Danny from the ZWC staff and ask them about their event on my podcast; the Division Z Podcast.

The Division Z Podcast is a Call of Duty themed podcast I host with fellow YouTuber K Cosmic.

How Is ZWC3 Going to Be Different From the Previous Two Events?

HyperX eSports arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
HyperX Esports Arena

According to them, their biggest change to Zombies World Championship this year is upgrading the venue of this event to a high-tech Esports arena.

After visiting the venue and meeting with the owners, they knew they had to host Zombies World Championship at the HyperX Esports Arena.

Backed by Allied eSports, the HyperX Esports Arena is a state-of-the-art facility designed to create an amazing eSports experience for everyone.

What Are Some of the Challenges This Year?

Zombies World Championship players Call of Duty Zombies eSports
ZWC2 Competitors (via @officialzwc on Twitter)

This year, fans will be choosing the Championship challenges. Using the hashtag #ZWC3 on Twitter, fans can suggest challenges for a chance to have their challenges featured in the main event.

They have also been examining the last few entries of Call of Duty Zombies very carefully to spot potential challenge ideas for the event. All Call of Duty Zombies maps are being considered for the Championship.

That includes the new Firebase Z for Black Ops Cold War. Check out our complete guide to Firebase Z in Cold War Zombies here!

Streaming the Zombies World Championship 3

Klic streaming service
Klic logo

If you can't make it to ZWC3 don't worry, the event will be streaming live on a brand new streaming platform called Klic.

According to Jose Salazar, Klic is a multi-perspective streaming platform that will give the viewer the chance to view everyone's perspective during the event. Jose is also the founder of Klic.

This gives viewers the freedom to watch their favorite players without having to watch a singular live stream that keeps switching perspectives. Essentially, Klic is just like NFL Redzone, but for eSports.

Zombies World Invitational

Zombies World Championship Players Call of Duty zombies eSports
ZWI Players (via @officialzwc on Twitter)

If you want to be a part of the event, you have the chance to compete in online tournaments to reserve your spot in the main event. This way, players from all over the world have an opportunity to become a Zombies world champion.

Even though the challenges are yet unknown, Zombies players are very eager to prove themselves. Whether or not the Championship will feature the new Warzone and Cold War open-world Zombies mode, we don't yet know.

This system was used during the previous two events to determine who will be competing alongside Zombies YouTubers and other creators.

You can watch the full interview with the ZWC staff on the Division Z Podcast here.


Zombies World Championship is back, and many fans are looking forward to this year's event. With the event taking place in Las Vegas at a high-tech eSports arena, Zombies fans are in for a treat.

Call of Duty Zombies is ripe with potential, and I believe the next evolution of Zombies comes with eSports. With the interest in eSports rising every day, there is no doubt that Zombies can ride the upward trending wave.

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This game mode is ripe with potential, and the community is ready to take the next step.

I would also like to personally thank Jose, Michael, and Danny for revealing exclusive information about Zombies World Championship 3 on the Division Z Podcast.

To stay up to date and learn more about Zombies World Championship, visit their website here.

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