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How To Get Unlimited Ammo For The Death Machine In Cold War Zombies

The Death Machine Scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War has had an exploit unearthed. Here's how to get unlimited Death Machine ammo in Call of Duty Zombies...

The latest update has brought a wealth of new content to Cold War. New Zombies modes, specialists and weapons have graced the game.

But perhaps most interesting is the new scorestreak. The Death Machine makes its valiant return from previous Call of Duty games, to the delight of fans.

The weapon is a veritable killing machine, using its rain of high-velocity rounds to carve through your enemies. It made its name as a behemoth of a weapon in multiplayer Call of Duty lobbies, and then made its way to Zombies.

Cold War Zombies How To Get Unlimited War Machine Ammo
Black Ops Cold War's Death Machine

Something about tearing through gigantic packs of enemies is as therapeutic as Call of Duty gets. And now that it has made its return to the series in the huge Cold War season two update, fans are glad to see it back.

But the Death Machine is already the victim of exploits. Fans have discovered a way to offer players unlimited ammo. And it's actually pretty easy.

Cold War Zombies' Unlimited Death Machine Ammo Glitch

YouTuber Caspahz has made a video detailing the steps of how to access a constantly-replenishing Death Machine.

  • First, make sure you have at least 150 high-grade salvage for crafting. You'll need it to craft the items you need.
  • Use 100 of this salvage to craft the Death Machine. It comes with 400 rounds, but don't worry, you'll be able to replenish them.
  • Once you've got it, spray away to your heart's content; just don't let the ammo count hit 0.
Cold War Zombies How To Get Unlimited War Machine Ammo
Black Ops Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

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  • Before you run out of ammo, head back to a crafting bench. Any will do.
  • Craft the Combat bow item in the Support tab. Don't worry if you don't like the item, you won't have to use it; you just need it as a cheap weapon to make use of the exploit.
  • Once you craft it, you'll drop the Death Machine.
  • All you now have to do is pick the Death Machine back up. You'll drop the Combat Bow, and your weapon will once again have 400 ammo.

This is likely to be patched very soon. So make use of it while you can!

It's a great trick to keep you able to tear through those hordes with ease.

The Combat Bow will take a while to despawn, so you have plenty of time to get back to it to perform the glitch once again.

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If you're working through the new content introduced in the season two update, here's how to unlock every single new Cold War weapon.

Source: Caspahz

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