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Cold War Zombies Outbreak – How To Use The Jump Pad For Free

A player in the COD Zombies subreddit has discovered a way to use Outbreak's jump pads for free, and even get a speed boost too.

The jump pads in Black Ops Cold War's new Outbreak mode are immensely fun.

Not only are they a handy mode of transportation for you and your teammates to get across the huge maps, but they're also useful for gathering points.

As you soar through the sky with your parachute, you're able to grab canisters of essence that boost your points by 500 a pop. It's an effective way to earn your points back after paying the 500 point fee to use the pad.

It's one of the many great additions that have come to the mode along with the massive season two update.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak bug to use jump pad for free
Cold War Zombies: Outbreak

But that might not be the only content to come to the game along with this season. A leaker has suggested that "season two reloaded" could in fact be coming very soon.

However, one player has found a way to bypass this fee entirely, and fire across the map without having to spend a penny.

How To Use Outbreak's Jump Pads For Free

A new method for using the jump pads for free has been discovered, and it's actually incredibly simple. As long as you're in a game with someone else, this will work easily.

The way the jump pad works is when the points are deposited into it, the pad will remain active for a short period of time; it's not technically a one jump per transaction deal.

So, say for instance your teammate wants to use the jump pad. As long as they choose to do so and pay the 500 essence to use it, there will be a short period of time afterward in which you can use it too.

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The problem may cause some squabbles among your team, but if you can put that aside, it's a very cheap mode of traversal for the whole team.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak bug to use jump pad for free
Cold War Zombies: Outbreak

Plus, it's no worry for the player who paid to use it. They'll be first in the air, meaning they'll have the advantage to gather the essence canisters in the air to recuperate their points.

It's a trick that players have been using effectively so far since Outbreak has launched. However, one player has found a way to use it, and earn a massive speed boost in the process.

Player Uses Free Jump Pad For Huge Speed Boost

In a post to the COD Zombies subreddit, user chanceiiors has shared their discovery of a genius tactic to cover serious ground.

In the clip, their teammate uses the jump pad before them. As usual, they fire straight up into the air.

The player is already coming in hot with an open parachute. They'd jumped off a ledge a little further up the mountain, and are coming in fast on the jump pad.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak bug to use jump pad for free
Cold War Zombies: Outbreak

As they land on the jump pad, they are shot into the air. However, a bug keeps them from flying as high as their teammate. Instead, they don't get as much height, but the momentum from the upward shot carries into horizontal movement.

The player soars through the air with incredible speed. It's a tactic that might be difficult to pull off, but it's obviously incredibly effective for a speedy traversal.

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