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All Zombies Operator Missions for Garcia in Season One Black Ops Cold War

Garcia is a Warsaw Pact Operator in Black Ops Cold War. During Season One, Treyarch added some new missions for players to complete to unlock content for Garcia; such as skins, an emblem, and a calling card.

This article will teach you how to complete every Zombies Operator mission for Garcia in Season One.

Garcia Zombies Skins Black Ops Cold War Season One
Garcia Operator Skins in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

How to Complete Garcia Operator Missions

The first thing you need to do before doing these challenges is to unlock Garcia as a playable character. To unlock Garcia, you must detonate or assist your team in detonating five bombs in the game mode: Fireteam Dirty Bomb.

If you do not have this challenge completed, there is another way to play as Garcia. Just before Season One, Treyarch added two free skins; one for Park, and one for Garcia.

If you have redeemed the free skin for Garcia, you can equip the free one that Treyarch handed out and play as Garcia without having the default skin.

Once you have Garcia unlocked, you must be playing as Garcia in zombies in order for you to complete these operator missions.

Operator Mission #1

Garcia Operator Mission #1 Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season One
Garcia Operator Mission #1

The first zombies operator mission is to get 25 kills with Field Upgrades.

Field Upgrades are your special ability that you spawn with when you choose a class.

There are five Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, but for this operator mission, I recommend using Energy Mine.

Also, make sure you upgrade Energy Mine to tier III using raw aetherium crystals.

Energy Mine is a Field Upgrade that when used, spawns in a ball of energy that explodes and kills all zombies that are near the blast. When fully upgraded, you can have two detonations of Energy Mine.

For this operator mission, horde up a sizeable crowd of zombies and use your Field Upgrade. The mine will go off and kill many zombies.

You might have to use Energy Mine a couple of times to complete this mission, but Energy Mine does not take very long to recharge. In fact, Energy Mine recharges itself when you use this Field Upgrade, that's how efficient it is.

Once you have killed 25 enemies, a prompt on the screen will notify you in-game that you have completed the first Zombies operator mission.

Operator Mission #2

Garcia Operator Mission #2 Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season One
Garcia Operator Mission #2

The second operator mission requires the player to eliminate 100 enemies with a Pack-A-Punched weapon.

To Pack-A-Punch your weapon, you must first build the Pack-A-Punch machine by doing a short quest.

If you do not know how to forge the Pack-A-Punch machine, click here to check out our guide.

Once you have built the Pack-A-Punch machine, simply save up 5000 points and upgrade your weapon. You can choose any weapon you want for this mission.

When you have killed 100 enemies, once again, a prompt will appear in-game on-screen saying you have completed the mission.

Operator Mission #3

Garcia Operator Mission #3 Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season One
Garcia Operator Mission #3

The third Zombies operator mission for Garcia is to kill 25 zombies with support.

Support is another name for Scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. You obtain support by crafting them at the crafting table using the rare (blue) salvage drops.

If you do not know how to properly use the crafting table, click here for more information.

The three scorestreaks that are the most useful for this challenge are the War Machine, the newly added Cruise Missile, and Chopper Gunner.

The War Machine can eliminate large crowds of zombies easily, the Cruise Missile can blow up crowds of zombies effectively, and the Chopper Gunner gives you a bird's eye view of the zombies making it easy to pick them off from the sky.

Getting 25 kills is very easy, especially when you have such overpowered support like these.

When you complete the challenge, another prompt will notify you when you have killed 25 enemies.

Operator Mission #4

Garcia Operator Mission #4 Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season One
Garcia Operator Mission #4

The final Zombies operator mission for Garcia requires the player to get 5 elite eliminations.

As of right now, the only Elite enemy in Black Ops Cold War Zombies is the Megaton. The Megaton is a bulky hazmat suit zombie that spawns in on both Die Maschine and in Zombies Onslaught.

Once killed, it splits off into two entities, the Megaton Bomber and the Megaton Blaster. Killing the two splits results in one Megaton elimination.

You can either choose to play Die Maschine and climb through the rounds and eventually kill 5 Megatons, or you can play Zombies Onslaught to have more frequent Megatons spawning.

The only drawback to playing Onslaught is not having the Pack-A-Punch machine and the arsenal. I would recommend if you are playing Zombies Onslaught to complete this mission, is to use the Ring of Fire Field Upgrade to deal substantial damage to the Megatons.

Either way, it still counts for this operator mission.

Once you have killed 5 elite enemies, the final prompt will notify you that you have completed this mission.

Garcia Operator Rewards

Santeria Skin for Stitch Black Ops Cold War Season One
Santeria Skin - Garcia

For each mission you complete, you earn certain rewards. These rewards include:

  • Mission #1 - "Hypersonic" Calling Card
  • Mission #2 - "El Doctor" Skin
  • Mission #3 - "Disavowed" Emblem
  • Mission #4 - "Santeria" Skin

These rewards also come with additional XP when you complete each mission.

Now that you know how to complete every Season One Zombies operator mission for Garcia, check out some of our other helpful Black Ops Cold War Zombies tutorials:

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