Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is one of its biggest assets, but will the survival gamemode appear in the future of MW2?

Upon completing Call of Duty World at War’s campaign for the first time, players were faced with a terrifying new experience pitting WW2 soldiers against the undead.

Treyarch’s Zombies survival mode immediately exploded in popularity, and has since become a staple of the franchise. And over the years, we’ve had multiple Zombies experiences from many of Activision’s development studios.

But while Treyarch (and to a lesser extent Sledgehammer Games) are primarily known for their Zombies experiences, Infinity Ward has only had one shot at it so far, in 2016’s Infinite Warfare.

Call of Duty Zombies

Could the developer unleash the undead once again in Modern Warfare 2? Here’s what we know:

Does Modern Warfare 2 Have a Zombies Mode?

No, neither the original Modern Warfare 2 nor MW2 2022 has a Zombies experience of any kind yet. However, there is some evidence to suggest that a mode was either planned for the game, or is still in the works.

Twitter user cod_sploitzimgz (who has since had their account suspended) posted the following screenshot taken from the Modern Warfare 2 files.

The screenshot appears to show Round-Based Zombies (the classic Zombies experience) and Outbreak (a Zombies mode from Black Ops Cold War) among ths list of MW2 modes.

And while neither surfaced upon the full game’s launch, it could be an indication that Zombies content is or was in development at some point.

Before we get too excited though, in a pre-launch interview with VentureBeat in June 2022, Activision PR quickly shut down a question regarding upcoming undead content with “There will be no Zombies.”

COD Zombies in Vanguard

With that in mind, if the leak is indeed real, perhaps this is simply a placeholder for Treyarch’s next COD in 2024. It’s likely that the game will take place on the same engine as MW2 after all.

Is Zombies Coming to MW2 Year Two?

It’s possible that a Zombies experience could be coming to the second year of Modern Warfare 2 content, though it’s important to note that nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Call of Duty leaker RalphsValve (whose track record is rather hit-and-miss) certainly appeared to tease a Zombies coming in 2023.

And although we’ve had reports of a ‘standalone’ Zombies game for years now, no evidence of this mysterious title has ever surfaced.

However, with Modern Warfare 2’s Year 2 expansion reportedly being paid DLC, this could be the perfect time to drop some Zombies content.

Reports by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier indicate that 2023 will see a premium expansion for MW2, developed by Sledgehammer. And while Schreier says the add-on will contain ‘lots of content’, he doesn’t make any such assurances about Zombies returning.

Thankfully, it won’t be a long wait for more undead survival either way. With Treyarch’s new COD expected for 2024, we’ll soon be back playing more Round-Based Zombies content.

If any more Zombies leaks and rumors surface, we’ll update this article. Check back again soon for the latest info!

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