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Zombies Chronicles 2 Responded to By Treyarch’s Lead Game Designer

It seems that Treyarch is finally responding to demand for Zombies Chronicles 2 – but don’t expect good news.

Ever since the launch of Zombies Chronicles, a huge expansion that delivered 8 remastered maps to Black Ops 3, fans have been wanting more.

After all, the Zombies community feels a little hard done by in recent history. Although Black Ops Cold War had an excellent Zombies finale recently, content was a little too sparse to keep the fans entertained.

But it was certainly better than the universally-disliked start to Vanguard Zombies, that’s for sure.

Zombies Chronicles Maps

A lot of old-school Zombies fans are still desperately hoping for another huge undead expansion.

And although we’ve seen reports indicating that Zombies Chronicles 2 is on the way, Treyarch’s Lead Game Designer seems less than optimistic.

Zombies Chronicles 2’s Release Date Might Be Further Away Than You’d Hope

In a new tweet, Treyarch’s Lead Game Designer in charge of Zombies discussed the possibility of Zombies Chronicles 2 with fans.

After being bothered one too many times by fans calling for a new Zombies Chronicles, it appears that this developer has had enough.

Responding to a Twitter user with the name ZOMBIES CHRONICLES 2 IS REAL, Kevin Drew confirms that he’s certainly done with fans bringing the topic up on social media.

“It feels like I want to give 10k to whoever can make ZC2 and get these people out of my mentions.”

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cod vanguard zombies

Of course, this isn’t a genuine offer by Drew. Instead, the developer is poking fun at the recent controversy regarding YouTuber PointCrow offering a $10,000 reward to anyone capable of making a Breath of the Wild Multiplayer mod.

What’s more, don’t see this as Treyarch officially commenting on Zombies Chronicles 2 either. This tweet comes straight from Kevin Drew‘s personal account, and isn’t reflective of Treyarch’s views.

We did recently get a leak about a standalone Call of Duty Zombies game which sounds incredible. But we might have to wait a little longer for Zombies Chronicles 2.

At least we’ve got the new Vanguard Round Based Zombies map not too far away!


One thing’s for sure though, Treyarch is far too busy with its next Zombies project to be making another DLC right now!

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