One of the final main quests in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK tasks Link with finding the Fifth Sage that stood against Ganondorf back in the past. But with no guidance available, this is easier said than done.

Once Tears of the Kingdom players complete the Regional Phenomena quests, having assembled all 4 Sages along the way, it’s time to find the mysterious 5th Sage.

Unlike previous quests, ‘Find the Fifth Sage’ does not tell players where to go, only that they need to look for clues in ancient ruins from the age of legends.

Thankfully, we’ve got the answer to all your questions, as well as a full walkthrough to finding the 5th Sage’s location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find the Ruins From the Age of Legends Zelda TOTK

Where to Find the Fifth Sage in Tears of the Kingdom

After receiving the ‘Find the Fifth Sage’ main quest from Purah, Link needs to head to Kakariko Village. There, he’ll encounter Paya, the new chief of the village, and Tauro.

The duo is investigating the floating Ring Ruins that have appeared above the village. Before receiving the quest to find the 5th Sage, these ruins will be off-limits.

Where to Find the Fifth Sage in Tears of the Kingdom

But now that Link has completed the Regional Phenomena quest and discovered the secret behind Zelda’s recent appearances, he’ll be tasked with exploring the strange ruins.

Ring Ruin Zelda TOTK

Climb up the scaffolding until you’re below the Ring Ruins, then use Ascend to get inside.

While there, use the Camera function of your Purah Pad to take a picture of the stone tablet within. Then, bring it back to Paya and Tauro.

Take a Picture of the Stone Slab Zelda TOTK

The tablet will partially translate to ‘Dragon Land… Southeast‘. But what does this mysterious message mean?

Researcher Calip tells you that the clue could be related to the Zonai Ruins in Faron. So next up, you’ve got to adventure over to the region.

But those who have found all of TOTK’s Dragon Tear locations will actually already know all about the 5th Sage even before tracking them down.

Where to Find the Zonai Ruins – Find the 5th Sage Quest

The Zonai Ruins are found at the tail end of the dragon-shaped Dracozu Lake in Faron.

The ruins themselves are found to the south of the lake, though TOTK’s Find the Fifth Sage quest will require Link to arrive at the dragon’s mouth.

Zonai Ruins Dragon River

To continue your quest, head inside the pillar near Tauro’s camp site near the dragon statue’s mouth, found on the north side of the river. There, you’ll talk to Tauro who will guide you to the next stage of the quest.

In order to gain access to the Zonai Ruins, Link must find all 3 parts of the Charged Armor Set, then place a Zonai Charge on the altar found at the dragon river’s tail.

Where to Place the Zonai Charge Zelda TOTK

Next, they’ll need to use Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to reach the new Sky Island that appears above the area and navigate the tricky Thunderhead Isles in the sky.

Be sure you don’t have any metal items equipped, as there’ll be a thunderstorm across this entire area!

How to Get to Thunderhead Isles Zelda TOTK

After navigating Thunderhead Isles, near the Joku-usin Shrine, players will find a large door that requires 10 hearts to open.

In front of you, there will then be a strange mask and the start of a new quest.

Guidance From Ages Past Zelda TOTK

Guidance From Ages Past

After that, players must take the Zonai Relic they find to the spot its light shines upon.

Simply fuse the mask to a nearby Zonai Wing and follow the green laser to its end point.

How to Follow the Mask Light Zelda TOTK

This will lead players to the Construct Factory, TOTK’s final Temple-style area where they’ll assemble parts of a Construct and build a body for Mineru, the Fifth Sage!

But even all that won’t be enough to complete the quest.

How to Build the Construct in Factory Zelda TOTK

How to Complete Find the Fifth Sage Quest

To finish the Find the Fifth Sage quest in Tears of the Kingdom, players must complete the following steps:

  • Go to Kakariko Village
  • Investigate the Ring Ruins
  • Go to Dracozu Lake in Faron
  • Find all 3 pieces of the Charged Armor Set and place a Zonai Charge on the Dragon’s Tail altar
  • Work their way through the newly-uncovered Thunderhead Isles
  • Take the Zonai Relic to the Construct Factory
  • Assemble the Construct body
  • Take Mineru in her Construct form to her Secret Stone
  • Defeat the Seized Construct Boss Battle
  • Return to Purah in Lookout Landing

Who Is the Fifth Sage in Zelda: TOTK?

The Fifth Sage in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Mineru, the Sage of Spirit.

Mineru is a member of the Zonai people, and the older sister of King Rauru, the original founder of Hyrule.

Who Is the Fifth Sage in Zelda TOTK

In order to help Link in the distant future, Mineru become a spirit that inhabits Zelda’s Purah Pad.

In the TOTK main quest devoted to finding the 5th Sage, Mineru begins to inhabit a large Construct and lends Link her power with one final ring.

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