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Duplicated Weapons

After software update 1.1.2, only one weapon, shield, and blow duplication still stands in TOTK. However, it is not as simple as other duping techniques that were possible in version 1.1.1.

This duplication glitch requires a Rock Octorok and some practice, as it involves some perfect timing to trigger it. Here’s how you can pull this one off in a few steps!

How to Duplicate Weapons, Shields, & Bows in Tears of the Kingdom Version 1.1.2

In TOTK Version 1.1.2, you can do weapon, shield, and bow duplication by dropping them close to a Rock Octorok and using Recall right before the enemy takes the item you dropped.

Once Recall is active on the weapon, shield, or bow, you should be able to pick it up. If the timing is right you will get the item back, while the Octorok will spit a duplicate of whatever you dropped.

This weapon duplication method also works with the software version 1.1.1 of Tears of the Kingdom.
  1. Find a Rock Octorok in the Eldin region. These enemies spawn in the area between Goron City and Death Mountain. Reaching this area is simple if you travel east from the Typhlo Ruins Skyview Tower.
    • You can look at the map below for reference on their location.
Zelda TOTK Rock Octorok Location and Map
  1. Make sure all your Sages are Dismissed to avoid any of them from accidentally getting rid of the Rock Octorok.
    • You can achieve this by accessing the menu with the “+” button, going to the Key Items tab, and selecting “Dismiss” on any active Sages.
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Dismiss Sages Menu
  1. Once you are close to the Rock Octorok, proceed to hard save from the System tab in the menu. This will make it easier to reload in case the weapon duplication process in Tears of the Kingdom fails.
Zelda TOTK Save Menu
  1. Drop the weapon, shield, or bow you want to duplicate in TOTK near the Rock Octorok. This enemy will start absorbing air and pulling the item you drop close to it.
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Stone Octorok Absorbing Weapon
  1. When the item is very close to the Octorok, use the Recall ability on it. If done right, you will be able to pick up the rewinding weapon, and the Octorok should spit back a duplicate. These are the possible outcomes depending on your timing when activating Recall:
    • Successful Scenario: If the item is rewinding and the Octorok is no longer inhaling air, pick it up while it is still rewinding. Now, run away from this enemy as it will try to hit you with the duplicate it spits back! Finally, pick up the duplicated item.
    • Used Recall Too Early: If the item rewinds, but the Octorok keeps inhaling air, this means that the timing was not right and the item was not close enough. You will have to drop the item and try again.
    • Used Recall Too Late: Lastly, if the item disappears, this indicates you activated Recall too late. In this case, you must load the save you created in the steps before from the System tab in the menu. After the save file loads, try again.
  1. Once you have successfully duplicated your weapon, shield, or bow in TOTK, proceed to defeat the Rock Octorok.
    • This is important because this method only works once per Rock Octorok. However, if you defeat them, they will respawn when a Blood Moon happens. After that, you can repeat this replication glitch with the newly respawned Octoroks.
  2. If you want to repeat the process, find a new Rock Octorock or wait for a Blood Moon to happen.
Octorok Spitting Duplicated Weapon Tears of the Kingdom
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Thanks to Austin John Plays for explaining this Zelda TOTK weapon, shield, and bow duplication glitch that still works on version 1.1.2!

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