The Legend of Zelda: TOTK has a way to let Link fast travel wherever he wants – at least once they’ve unlocked the Travel Medallion.

Place down this mysterious device and you’ll be able to freely teleport over to that location. But with a little know-how, you’ll be able to place up to 3 Travel Medallions anywhere you choose in Hyrule!

How to Get the Travel Medallion in Zelda: TOTK

Before claiming the Travel Medallion in Tears of the Kingdom, players need to unlock the Shrines of Light Sensor for their Purah Pad.

After that, you’ll be able to get the first Travel Medallion from Robbie by following these steps:

  • Head back to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab (Coordinates: 3780, -2123, 0251).
Hateno Ancient Tech Lab Zelda TOTK
  • Talk to Robbie and ask him about the Travel Medallion upgrade.
  • Robbie will tell Link to travel to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab to the northeast (Coordinates: 4519, 3163, 0247) to retrieve the Travel Medallion Prototype.
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Zelda TOTK
  • Once you interact with the Tech Lab door, two members of the Yiga Clan will appear – one large and heavy-hitting, the other small and speedy.
  • Defeat both enemies to gain access to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.
  • Inside you’ll find a tailor who will give you the Yiga Armor. You’ll also find a chest with the Travel Medallion Prototype inside it.
Travel Medallion Prototype Zelda TOTK
  • Fast travel back to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and give the Prototype to Robbie.
  • You’ll then permanently unlock the Travel Medallion upgrade.
Zelda TOTK Travel Medallion

How to Get More Travel Medallions in Zelda: TOTK

Link can unlock up to 2 more Travel Medallions for a grand total of 3 custom fast travel points by finding all of Tears of the Kingdom’s Skyview Towers.

Talk to Robbie after registering 10 Skyview Tower locations to collect a second Travel Medallion.

To get the final Travel Medallion, Link will need to talk to Robbie once more after visiting all 15 Skyview Towers on the Hyrule map.

Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower

At that point, you’ll have access to 3 Medallions, allowing Link to instantly transport himself to 3 custom locations of your choosing.

And thankfully, they can be picked up again once placed, allowing you to reset each point’s location.

How to Use Travel Medallions in TOTK

To place down a Travel Medallion, simply open your inventory with the + button, use R to tab over to Key Items, and select the item in your inventory.

Hit ‘Place‘ and the Travel Medallion will appear at your feet, registering that location as a fast travel point. You can only place Medallions in areas you’re already standing.

How to Use Travel Medallion Zelda TOTK

The Travel Medallion will then be marked on your map, which you can check with the – button.

Selecting it will let you fast travel to that location as many times as you desire.

How to Collect Travel Medallion Zelda TOTK

If you want to claim the Travel Medallion back to place it somewhere new, simply find on the map and choose Collect Medallion. You don’t need to be present at the Medallion’s location to collect it, thankfully.

Alternatively, you can find the Travel Medallion in your Key Items once again, and choose to collect it from there.

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