Star Fragments are among the rarest materials that Link can get his hands on in The Legend of Zelda TOTK – here’s what the items do and where to find them:

Tears of the Kingdom has tons of secrets to explore, and there are some items that even players who have completed their time in Hyrule may not have seen.

One such item is the Star Fragment in TOTK, which appears in the wake of a shooting star. But what exactly does a Star Fragment do in Tears of the Kingdom, and is there an easy way to get one?

What Is a Star Fragment in Zelda TOTK?

In TOTK, a Star Fragment is a shooting star that has hit the ground in Hyrule. You may see one fall to earth when exploring the game’s open world at night.

Star Fragment in Zelda TOTK

These glowing items will spawn randomly in Hyrule’s sky and have a remarkably low drop rate. If you see one, it’s definitely worth dashing over to it while you can, as they will despawn after a short time.

How to Get a Star Fragment in Zelda TOTK

Star Fragments will fall from the sky between midnight and 5 AM each night in Zelda TOTK. These items will spawn every night, though their spawn points are completely random.

There is no way to guarantee where a Star Fragment will appear in Tears of the Kingdom. Link must instead wait for one to spawn and make his way over to where it falls.

Falling Star Fragment in Tears of the Kingdom

The best way to farm Star Fragments in TOTK is to wait at a fire or bed until midnight, then launch yourself into the air at a Skyview Tower. As you’re freefalling down to the ground, look for the light of a falling star.

If you don’t see one, simply fast travel to a new Skyview tower and repeat the process.

Star Fragments in Zelda TOTK

That said, be sure not to fast travel when actually moving to a Star Fragment’s location, as it can cause the item to disappear.

Furthermore, we recommend saving the game when you spy a Fragment, in case you aren’t able to make it to the star in time on your first attempt.

Catching a Star Fragment in the Air

When a Star Fragment begins to fall, a shooting star will be visible in the skies above Hyrule. If you’re gliding or freefalling nearby, you’ll be able to grab the Star Fragment with the A button before it hits the ground!

Where to Find a Star Fragment in Zelda TOTK

However, it’s much more likely that you’ll find the Star Fragment after it’s hit the ground. Whenever a Star Fragment is waiting to be picked up, a beacon of light will appear at the item’s position, making it easier to spot from a distance.

Make your way over to the Star Fragment and pick it up with A – but be quick as it will despawn before too long.

How to Use Star Fragments in Zelda TOTK

Armor Upgrades

Star Fragments are best used to upgrade your armor sets in Zelda TOTK.

Select Armor (particularly those pieces that are unlocked via Amiibo use) will require Star Fragments to upgrade. When visiting the Great Fairy Fountains, it always pays to have a Fragment or two to hand.

Great Fairy The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Due to the item’s rarity, we recommend saving almost all your Star Fragments for armor upgrades.

Fuse Materials

The next best use for the item is as a Fuse material for your weapons or shield.

Fuse a Star Fragment to your sword and you’ll be able to throw out beams of light into the darkness – however the fusion only adds an extra 1 Attack Power to your weapon.

Star Fragment Weapon Fuse Effect Zelda TOTK

Alternatively, attach one to a shield and you’ll never need a torch again, even in areas like The Depths.

Light Sources

Star Fragments make for an excellent light source, whether you’re sticking them to your shield or combining them with building materials.

Why not use them to light up your builds, without having to worry about getting fire involved?

Star Fragment Shield in Zelda TOTK

Selling for Rupees

Despite their rarity, Star Fragments aren’t worth selling.

The pieces of shooting stars claim to be ‘highly valuable’ but only sell for 200 Rupees apiece, so we wouldn’t get rid of your stock for some extra cash!

If you’re desperate for some extra money, it’s not the worst option to sell off your spares though.

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