The Soryotanog Shrine is one of the trickiest puzzles in The Legend of Zelda TOTK but never fear, we’ve got the solution for you!

In your quest for Light of Blessings, you’ll likely be seeking out and completing a lot of Shrines around Hyrule. And when you run into Soryotanog Shrine, you’ll need to harness the power of wind to solve the puzzles within.

Here’s a full walkthrough to help you get that Blessing in no time!

Soryotanog Shrine Buried Light Solution

How to Solve Buried Light Puzzle in Soryotanog Shrine

To solve the puzzles in Soryotanog Shrine, you’ll need to use Fans to clear piles of sand. You’ll also need to use mirrors to direct a beam of light – once you’ve uncovered it, that is!

Here’s a full step-by-step guide to solving the Buried Light puzzle:

  • First, use Ultrahand to pull the Fan out from under the sand pile by the door.
Buried Light How to Solve the Shrine
  • Hit the Fan to activate it, then pick it up (in person or with Ultrahand) and blow away the other sand piles in the room.
Find the Chest Buried Light Zelda TOTK
  • One of the sand piles contains a chest. Open it to receive a Small Key.
  • Interact with the door to unlock it with the Small Key.
Zelda TOTK Buried Light Small Key
  • In the next room, defeat the Construct.
  • Now, before you complete the puzzle, there’s a bonus section you can complete for some free arrows. We’ve got the bonus puzzle and the Shrine’s solution for you below:

Bonus Puzzle Solution

  • Use the fan from the first room to blow away the sand that’s in the right corner of the room as you enter it. This will reveal a small hole in the wall.
How to Solve Buried Light Puzzle in Soryotanog Shrine
  • Walk through the hole and blow away the sand piles in the next room too.
    • One will contain a Construct to defeat which drops a Fan Guster as it dies. The other reveals another Fan.
Soryotanog Shrine Solution Construct
  • Place a Fan face-up against the back wall. Hit it to turn it on, then use your glider to get a boost on the updraft.
Soryotanog Shrine Fan Puzzle
  • Use the Fan Guster weapon that the Construct dropped to blow away the sand on the giant gear. It will begin to turn and unlock the gate beside it.
How to Uncover Giant Gear Soryotanog Shrine
  • Open the chest within, and you’ll get a reward of 10 Arrows

Soryotanog Shrine Solution

  • To finish off Soryotanog Shrine, head back to the second main chamber, the one you passed through after unlocking the locked door.
  • Then, use Ascend to leap up to the overhanging platform on the left side.
Ascend Soryotanog Shrine
  • Drop down into the next room and defeat the Construct.
  • Use the Fan to blow away the room’s sand, revealing a mirror and a giant beam of light.
Uncover the Buried Light Zelda TOTK
  • Place the mirror on the platform where the Construct was waiting, sending the beam through the grate into the second main chamber you came from.
  • Then, head into that room yourself, using Ascend once more, and use Ultrahand to hold another mirror up.
Reflect the Buried Light Shrine Answer
  • Direct the light beam into the green hexagon above the locked door and wait…
  • Once you’ve held it there for a few seconds, the door will unlock!

Now go collect your Light of Blessing, as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Soryotanog Shrine and its Buried Light puzzle is complete!

Soryotanog Shrine Location & Map

The Soryotanog Shrine is located in Gerudo Town, on a large platform overlooking the area.

The exact coordinates for the Buried Light puzzle are: (-3883, 2964, 0123).

It’s one that you’ll need to activate in order to fast travel back to the area, so most players will come across it on their quest to help Riju.

But Soryotanog isn’t the trickiest puzzle that the Gerudo have to offer…

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