Sinakawak Shrine can be a tough one to solve but we’ve got a simple solution for each puzzle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

Here’s how to complete each of the ‘An Uplifting Device’ puzzles in TOTK:

How to Solve An Uplifting Device

To complete the “An Uplifting Device” challenge in the Sinakawak Shrine you must complete 3 puzzles. You can complete each puzzle using the steps below:

First Puzzle

When you enter the first puzzle room in Sinakawak Shrine, you’re already shown the solution on the other side of the room.

Use Ultrahand to stick a candle to the base of a hot air balloon. Then, before it flies away, stick a plank of wood to the bottom of the candle, like so:

Sinakawak Shrine First Puzzle Solution

Then, step onto the platform yourself and catch a ride to the second level.

Sinakawak First Puzzle Solution in Zelda TOTK

Second Puzzle

The second An Uplifting Device puzzle is even easier than the first in Sinakawak Shrine!

To progress to the final room, attach a candle to the base of a hot air balloon once again, and then place it in front of the locked door with Ultrahand.

Zelda TOTK An Uplifting Device Puzzle 2 Solution

This will cause the balloon to rise until it presses the button on the roof, opening the door!

Third Puzzle

The third and final An Uplifting Device puzzle is a little trickier, but it’s simple once you know what you’re doing. And we’ve even got a bonus solution that gives you access to a treasure chest too!

To complete the main puzzle, simply use Ultrahand to move the small ball into the basket of the hot air balloon.

An Uplifiting Device Solution 3

Then, use Ultrahand again to attach a candle below the basket, and a wooden platform below the candle.

You can now ride the platform up to the top of the room, unstick the ball, and place it in the hole in the ground.

TOTK Sinakawak Shrine Walkthrough Third Puzzle Solution

Your puzzle is now complete! But if you want to open the bonus room and get the treasure chest inside, here’s what you need to know!

How to Get the Treasure Chest

Hop back to the ground floor once more, then find the giant ball in the corner of the room. Attach a hot air balloon to the top of the ball.

Then, in order to get sufficient updraft, you’ll need to use Ultrahand to attach a flamethrower (4 can be found surrounding the giant ball) to the basket of the balloon.

How to Get the Chest in Sinakawak Shrine

This will cause the balloon to rise. Use the ladder to reach the platforms above the puzzle, letting Link return to the top level.

Then, unstick the giant ball, leaving it free to drop into the larger hole.

The treasure chest door will now open and inside you’ll find… an Opal. Not exactly the best reward for the effort you had to put in!

Sinakawak Shrine Location & Map

The Sinakawak Shrine is located at -1413, 0756, 0089 in Hyrule Field.

It can be found right next to New Serenne Stable, near to where you meet Impa and find the Tear of the Dragon #1.

Sinakawak Shrine Location & Map
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