The Shrines of Light Sensor is one of the best items to get early in your The Legend of Zelda: TOTK adventure.

Here’s how to get the Purah Pad upgrade – and how to enhance it further!

How to Get the Sensor in Tears of the Kingdom

To get your hands on the Sensor for your Purah Pad in Zelda: TOTK, you must first have unlocked Autobuild.

  • After receiving Autobuild in The Depths, return to Lookout Landing.
  • There, talk to Josha and you’ll receive a Schema Stone with a schematic for a Hot Air Balloon.
Hot Air Balloon Zelda TOTK
  • Talk to Robbie who will be standing nearby and then use Autobuild to rebuild his Hot Air Balloon.
Purah Pad Laboratory Robbie
  • Robbie will then tell you to meet him at his lab in Hateno Village to the southeast.
Where to Find Hateno VIllage TOTK
  • Travel to Hateno Village and then find the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab at the top of the hill (Coordinates: 3780, -2123, 0251).
Hateno Ancient Tech Lab Zelda TOTK
  • Enter the lab and talk to Robbie.
  • He will now install the Sensor on your Purah Pad, allowing Link to track Shrines of Light.
Zelda TOTK Sensor
  • However, before you can use it in the open world, you first must walk around Robbie’s lab to test it.
    • You won’t be able to leave the lab in this section. Simply walk around the room until Robbie remarks that a shrine must be nearby.
Where to Find the Sensor Shrine Zelda TOTK
  • Now you’re free to leave and follow your Sensor’s beeping in order to find the Shrine.
  • You’ll locate the Shrine at the bottom of the laboratory’s winding hill, behind a pile of rubble (Coordinates: 3761, -2082, 0220).
Hidden Shrine in Zelda TOTK
  • Smash the rocks with a weapon fused with stone, or with a bomb arrow.
  • Enter Mayahisik Shrine if you choose, or simply head back to Robbie. Don’t worry about problem-solving however, as this shrine is simply a Rauru’s Blessing. You’ll receive a Magic Scepter and a Light of Blessing just for entering.
  • Talk to Robbie and you’ll be told about three more upgrades for the Purah Pad, including a Sensor + upgrade which we’ll discuss below!

How to Get Sensor + in TOTK

To get the Sensor + upgrade you must have received the Sensor and used it to track down the Shrine under Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Then, return to Robbie and talk to him, selecting Sensor + from the list of upgrade options.

In order to be eligible for the Sensor + add-on players must have taken a picture of 5 different enemy types using the Purah Pad Camera. To do this, hold L and move the selection wheel to the Camera icon, capture an enemy in-frame, and press A.

Sensor + Zelda TOTK

With the Sensor +, you’ll be able to change the Sensor’s target from Shrines of Light to literally any item, plant, or enemy in Zelda: TOTK! Of course, you can switch it back at any time.

How to Use the Sensor in TOTK

When the Sensor is on in Zelda: TOT (and it will be by default), you’ll begin to hear a steady beeping sound when moving in any direction that will lead to that sensor’s target.

You’ll also notice the sensor icon begin to light up in the bottom right

Sensor in Zelda TOTK

The beeping may intensify as you get closer to the target, and when you’re close enough it may tell you whether said target is above or below Link on screen.

To change the Sensor Target, or to turn it off completely, press – to open the TOTK map and then press Y.

How to Change Sensor Target Zelda TOTK

You’ll have the option to locate Shrines of Light, target an item from your Compendium, or turn the Sensor function off.

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