Key Points
Completion Time:
30 Mins - 1 Hour
Scimitar of the Seven
Daybreaker Shield
Must Haves:
Completed Lightning Temple (Regional Phenomena)

One of the best weapons you need to find in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK is the Scimitar of the Seven.

This legendary weapon can only be crafted by a Gerudo master blacksmith – and to unlock her abilities you’ll need to help her out.

The Scimitar of the Seven initially belonged to the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. It boasts a nice 28 damage before Fusing, and it can even be recovered if it breaks!

But what makes the sword even more powerful is the fact that it will double the power of anything fused to it!

Arms of the Seven Tears of the Kingdom

Here’s how to get your hands on the best sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Get the Scimitar of the Seven in Zelda: TOTK

Starting The Missing Owner Quest

  • First, you’ll need to complete the Lightning Temple in Tears of the Kingdom to clear out the Sand Shroud.
    • This Temple is in the southwest of Hyrule and is found as part of the Regional Phenomena questline.
  • Head into Gerudo Town and find the store with the Diamond on it. Talk to the lady inside, Cara, and she’ll mention that the shop’s owner Isha is currently missing.
Gerudo Town Start Missing Owner Quest

Rescue Isha From the Molduga

  • Head into the desert to the west of Gerudo Town until you see a smoke signal coming from Toruma Dunes. (Coordinates: -4769, -2830, 0029).
  • There, Isha will be trapped by a Molduga, a giant creature that hides beneath the sand.
Where to Find Isha in Zelda TOTK
  • You’ll need to defeat the Molduga to save the day.
    • Molduga will eat anything that they see laying on the sand. Use Zonai Time Bombs or regular explosives to your advantage! As soon as it leaps out of the sand, hit it in the stomach which is its weak spot.
    • This will be far easier at range, so stock up on arrows before taking on the challenging fight.
    • Make sure you grab the Molduga Jaw from the defeated creature as it’ll help you make your upcoming reward even more powerful via the Fuse mechanic.
Molduga Zelda TOTK
  • Isha will tell you that she’s the Gerudo’s best blacksmith and to come to Gerudo Town for your reward.
  • Return to Gerudo Town and talk to Cara to receive a Diamond.
Diamond in Gerudo Town

Craft the Scimitar of the Seven

  • Next, talk to Isha and she’ll offer to craft the Arms of the Seven for you. These Gerudo legendary weapons include the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker shield.
  • However to craft them, Isha needs 4 Diamonds, 10 Flint, a Gerudo Scimitar, and a Gerudo Shield.
East Barrens in Zelda TOTK
  • For the Gerudo Scimitar and Shield, head to the East Barrens, directly south from the red chasm on the edge of the desert.
Where to Find Gerudo Scimitar and Shield
  • Find the sinkholes in the sand and jump into one to arrive in the Ancient Altar Ruins.
    • Investigate the cavern and you’ll find several chests buried in sand. Pull them free with Ultrahand and you’ll find a Gerudo Scimitar, Shield, and Bow.
Ancient Altar Ruins Zelda TOTK
  • Then, head back to Isha and give her all the items you’ve found.
  • You’ll now get the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker Shield!
    • While the shield is relatively unremarkable, the Scimitar of the Seven is one of the best weapons in TOTK.
Where to Get Arms of the Seven Zelda TOTK
  • Don’t forget to fuse your Scimitar of the Seven with a strong material since it doubles the power of anything fused to it!
    • Using the Molduga Jaw will give your Scimitar an attack power of 92 and that’s not even the strongest material in the game!

If your sword is beginning to break, don’t forget that you can repair any weapon in Zelda: TOTK with this trick!

Best Weapon in Zelda TOTK

How to Get a New Scimitar of the Seven

If your Scimitar of the Seven happens to break, you can head back to Isha and pay her the materials once again.

She’ll then reforge your weapon for you right away – although it’s a substantial price to pay!

However, for one of the best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s certainly worth the price.

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