On their quest to find the Lightning Temple, Zelda fans are being left stumped by a riddle about witnessing the Red Pillars.

Here’s a simple guide to uniting all pillars in light and helping to save Gerudo Town.

The riddle states: “Standing back-to-back with the throne, witness red pillars across a vast sea. Unite the pillars in light to reveal the lightning stone and open the way.”

Most players will likely understand the first section and head to the Gerudo throne room. But if you’re having trouble with the rest, we’ve got you covered.

Red Pillars Locations in Zelda TOTK

The three Red Pillars in the Gerudo desert are located at the following coordinates:

  • (-4050, -3145, 0062)
  • (-4535, -3276, 0033)
  • (-4182, 03627, 0062)

But there’s more to this riddle than just finding each Red Pillar’s location. Here’s track down each pillar and unite them all in light:

First Pillar Location

The first can be found, as the riddle states, by putting your back to the Gerudo throne and walking directly forward into the desert.

Where to Find Red Pillar Gerudo Desert Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Credit: Gamer’s Little Playground

You’ll be able to see it from the throne room, peering above the sand shroud.

To ‘unite the pillar in light’ simply reach the tower, use Ascend to climb it, and smash the rubble covering its base. This will shine a huge light upward and reflect it off a mirror towards the next pillar location.

Red Pillars Locations in Zelda TOTK

Second Pillar Location

Follow the new light’s path directly and you’ll soon come to another tower in the Gerudo desert. Unlike the first, this one will have no rubble to smash.

The light will also pass clean over the tower, without being reflected by its own mirror.

Follow the Light Gerudo Desert Zelda TOTK

Don’t pass this pillar by in your hunt to follow the light, however!

Nearby, barely visible through the sand, you’ll notice another structure in the same direction as the light’s path.

How to Unite the Second Tower in Light Zelda TOTK
Credit: Gamer’s Little Playground

Use Ascend to climb to the top of the second structure and push the rotating wheel counterclockwise. The Red Pillar tower will slowly rise from the ground until the mirror hits the beam of light.

You’ll now have one final location to visit, indicated by the newly-reflected light beam.

Where to Find the Third Tower in Zelda TOTK Gerudo Desert

Third Pillar Location

Follow the newly-reflected light into the desert once more until you find the third pillar.

Use the nearby updraft to climb to the tower’s platform and smash the rubble in the base just like you did in the first Red Pillar.

Get to the Top of 3rd Desert Tower TOTK

This time, however, light won’t emerge from the rubble. Instead just some poles and Zonai platforms are waiting beneath the rocks.

You need to get these newfound poles to the very top of the tower.

An easy way to do so is to hit the Zonai platforms, allowing them to float in the air wherever you leave them with Ultrahand.

How to Unite the Pillars in Light Zelda TOTK

Place one in the sky, then use Ultrahand to move the poles on top of it. You can fuse them together to ensure nothing falls.

Use Ascend to climb the tower and then reach down with Ultrahand to grab the poles before the platform runs out of energy.

How to Connect the Third Pillar Gerudo Desert Zelda TOTK

Use Ultrahand to stick the poles onto the rotating wheel on top of the tower. You don’t technically need all 4, 1 or 2 would do the trick.

Then, rotate the wheel counterclockwise by pushing one of your new fused poles. You’ll know your job is done when the light reaches the first tower and a perfect triangle is complete.

In the center, revealed at last, is the Lightning Stone the riddle spoke of.

How to Solve the Gerudo Desert Light Puzzle

Now it’s time to see what else out of the sand in the center of the triangle. We won’t spoil anything but… good luck in the Lightning Temple!

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