Stand out in The Depths or at night by wearing the Radiant Armor set in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK!

If you’ve ever wanted to look like a skeleton in Tears of the Kingdom, the Radiant Armor set could be the one for you. Boasting 3 armor per item, this set doesn’t offer the most impressive defense but that’s hardly its biggest draw.

Walk into a dark area or wait until night and the armor will suddenly display a luminescent skeleton through its very fabric. Maybe you’ll even scare Ganondorf off?

But while the Radiant Armor doesn’t provide much in the way of actual light, one armor set will actually glow in the dark in TOTK!

How to Get the Radiant Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

The Radiant Armor is available to purchase from the Kakariko Village clothing store (Coordinates: 1846, -0969, 0116) in Zelda: TOTK.

Kakariko Village can be found to the east of Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and south of Lanayru Wetlands.

Where to Find Kakariko Village in Zelda TOTK

When you arrive at the village, the armor will be priced at extortionate rates:

  • Radiant Mask – 5000 Rupees
  • Radiant Shirt – 5000 Rupees
  • Radiant Tights – 5000 Rupees

As much as we love the idea of Link wearing Halloween gear, there is no way this armor is worth the price. Thankfully, there’s a way to get a major discount.

Radiant Armor in Zelda TOTK

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How to Get a Discount on Radiant Armor in Zelda: TOTK

To get a major price reduction on the Radiant Armor in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK, players need to cook a Sunny Veggie Porridge and give it to Lasli, the sister of the clothes shop owner Claree.

Lasli is sitting by a cooking pot near the southern exit of Kakariko Village (Coordinates: 1908, -1004, 0127).

How to Get a Discount on Stealth Armor in Zelda TOTK

Due to their grandmother’s sickness, Lasli and Claree are currently in need of money – leading to them jacking up the prices at the store.

But with the Sunny Veggie Porridge, their grandparent will make a speedy recovery, allowing you to get their goods at a discount!

The Sunny Veggie Porridge recipe is as follows:

  • Fresh Milk x 1
  • Hylian Rice x 1
  • Sundelion x 1

We have a full breakdown of where to find each ingredient below.

Sunny Veggie Porridge Recipe Zelda TOTK

Once you’ve acquired each ingredient, cook them all together and talk to Lasli. She’ll notice you have the porridge and Link can choose to hand it over.

Doing so will restore their grandmother, who is suffering from Gloom sickness, to full health. And this will lead to the Radiant Armor getting a big discount to the following prices:

  • Radiant Mask – 800 Rupees
  • Radiant Shirt – 800 Rupees
  • Radiant Tights – 800 Rupees

Now for the low price of 2400 Rupees, you’ll be able to become the skeleton man you always wanted to be. Here’s the fastest way to earn money in TOTK, if you’re short on coin!

Radiant Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

How to Make Sunnie Veggie Porridge Recipe

To make the Sunnie Veggie Porridge in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players will need one of each of the following items:

  • Fresh Milk
  • Hylian Rice
  • Sundelion

Here’s where to find all the items needed to complete your recipe:

Fresh Milk

While it is possible to trade with cow farmers for this milk, it’s not available anywhere else for free.

We wouldn’t waste your time trying to save money though – Fresh Milk is available at the general store in Hateno Village (Coordinates: 3357, -2169, 0120) for 12 Rupees!

Where to Get Fresh Milk Zelda TOTK

While you’re there, don’t forget that Hateno Village is also where you get the best Purah Pad upgrades!

Hylian Rice

Hylian Rice is a rare drop when cutting long grass in areas across Hyrule. However, it is also available for 12 Rupees apiece in Hateno Village’s store, so we’d recommend buying it while you’re there for milk.

Hylian Rice Where to Find Zelda TOTK

If you do want to try getting it for free, travel to the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower and slice up all the grass in the area to try your luck!


Sundelions are most commonly found on Sky Islands. They also spawn in Hyrule Fields and Gerudo Desert in small quantities.

Here’s a full guide to finding all the Sundelions you need in Tears of the Kingdom!

Where to Get Sundelions Zelda TOTK

For a guaranteed Sundelion spawn, travel to Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower and drop onto the Sky Islands in the South Eldin Sky Archipelago. There, you should find a number of the beautiful Gloom-healing flowers in bloom.

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