If you’re looking to cook some Porridge in Zelda: TOTK to complete the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest, or even just for fun, then you’ll need this recipe.

To start the Gloom-Borne Illness quest, you need to speak to Lasil in Kakariko Village. She tells asks you to make a Gloom-healing Porridge for her sick grandmother.

Fortunately, cooking Gloom-healing Porridge is incredibly easy in Tears of the Kingdom. So easy, in fact, you’ll only need 3 ingredients!

Below we’ve outlined the exact recipe, the steps you need to take to make Gloom-healing Porridge in TOTK, and where to find its ingredients.

Gloom-Borne Illness Porridge Recipe TOTK

To make the Gloom-healing Porridge for Lasil’s grandmother in the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest in TOTK, follow this recipe:

  • 1 x Hylian Rice
  • 1 x Milk
  • 1 x Sundelion
The Sunny Veggie Porridge recipe in TOTK

You can use more Milk, Hylian Rice, and Sundelions to increase the number of Hearts the Porridge restores. The basic Sunny Veggie Porridge restores 3 Hearts and heals 3 Gloom-affected Hearts.

However, you only need 1 of each ingredient to make a Porridge that will suffice for the Gloom-Borne Illness quest.

Once you’ve made the Sunny Veggie Porridge, head back to Lasli’s hut in Kakariko Village and give it to Lasli. She will reward you with an Energizing Veggie Porridge, and the quest will be complete.

For regular porridge, you will need to use a “Wild Green” instead of a Sundelion. Wild Greens are just any green plants you find across Hyrule and include, but are not limited to:

  • Hyrule Herb
  • Silent Princess
  • Warm Safflina
The Sunny Veggie Porridge in TOTK

Where to Find Sundelions TOTK

The best place to find Sundelions in TOTK is the South Eldin Sky Archipelago Islands, which are just above the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower.

Alternatively, you can find Sundelions on the North Necluda Sky Archipelago, which you can get to from the Sahastra Slope Skyview Tower.

Sundelions tend to spawn each day, allowing you to return back to those islands to get more if you need to. Additionally, you can occasionally stumble across Sundelions in Hyrule Field and Gerudo Desert.

The location of Sundelions in TOTK

Where to Find Hylian Rice & Milk TOTK

Hylian Rice can be found in TOTK by cutting tall grass across Hyrule. The best place to locate tall grass is outside of Hateno Village, but it is also commonly found in the Central Hyrule region.

Additionally, you can purchase Hylian Rice for 12 Rupees from the following locations::

  • Lookout Landing General Store
  • Hateno Village General Store
  • Beedle
    • He isn’t always guaranteed to sell it, but does occasionally.
  • Zora’s Domain General Store
  • Gerudo Town Cooking Ingredient Store
    • This only becomes available after you’ve completed the Gerudo section of the Regional Phenomena main quest.
Hylian Rice at Hateno General Store in TOTK
Hylian Rice for sale at the Hateno General Store

Players can find Milk in the following locations:

  • Hateno General Store (costs 12 Rupees)
  • Hateno Pasture (costs 3 Acorns)

You cannot find Milk naturally in the wild in TOTK. Unfortunately, this means that Milk can only be purchased from the above locations.

Fresh Milk at Hateno General Store in TOTK
Fresh Milk for sale at the Hateno General Store
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