If you’ve finished your first playthrough of Zelda: TOTK, you may be wondering if there is a New Game Plus mode.

Typically, New Game Plus modes allow players to carry over everything they’ve built up across their first playthrough into a far more challenging second one.

The difficulty, enemy health, and strength are all ramped up, but players can use their collected skills, abilities, and gear from the start.

It’s no surprise, then, that players who are eager to jump back into TOTK want a New Game Plus Mode. Unfortunately, the truth may be a little disappointing to some.

Does TOTK Have New Game Plus?

No, TOTK does not currently have a New Game Plus mode. While it could be added as DLC in the future, so far, there is no form of NG+ in TOTK.

Once you have completed the game, you cannot transfer anything from one save to another, including your Hearts, Stamina Wheels, clothing, weapons, or any other gear.

Link running across a sky island in TOTK

Fortunately, if you’ve only completed the main story, there is still plenty to do in TOTK before you reach 100% completion.

To reach 100% completion in TOTK, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Complete all 23 Main Quests
  • Complete all 139 Side Quests
  • Beat all 60 Side Adventures
  • Finish all 31 Shrine Quests
  • Collect all 18 Memories
  • Complete all 152 Shrines and get their treasure chests
  • Find and activate all 120 Lightroots
  • Get 100% Map Completion
  • Complete all 509 entries in the Hyrule Compendium
  • Activate all 30 Zonai Dispensers
  • Defeat every dungeon boss in the Depths
  • Collect all 1,000 Korok Seeds
  • Learn all 228 Recipes
  • Obtain and upgrade all 136 Armor Pieces
  • Collect all 11 pieces of Horse Equipment
  • Get all 53 Paraglider Fabrics
  • Fix all 82 of Addison’s Signs
  • Collect all 20 Sage’s Wills
  • Find all 147 Bubbul Gems
  • Get all 12 Schema Stones
  • Obtain all 34 Yiga Schematics
  • Find all 31 Old Maps
  • Get all 6 Monster Medals
  • Completely upgrade your Energy Cell
Link standing with a group of soldiers in TOTK

Will TOTK Get New Game Plus Mode or Master Mode in the Future?

It is possible that TOTK will get a New Game Plus Mode in the future. After all, Breath of the Wild did get a type of New Game Plus mode in the form of the Master Mode.

It was added to the game as part of The Master Trials DLC and made enemies significantly harder to kill, increasing their attack and allowing them to regenerate health.

However, the Master Mode did not allow players to transfer anything from a previous save. In essence, it was a harder difficulty mode, as opposed to a continuation of a previous save like most traditional New Game Plus modes.

Nevertheless, it is possible that TOTK could receive a New Game Plus mode in future DLC, or at the very least, its own version of the Master Mode.

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