Discover how to accomplish the Moon-Gazing Gorons quest in Zelda: TOTK by locating a full moon shining during the day.

Some side quests in TOTK can be challenging, especially those requiring you to pinpoint unmarked locations in Hyrule.

To embark on the Moon-Gazing Gorons journey, first finish the main story quest ‘Yunobo of Goron City’. This quest is initiated upon your first visit to Goron City and concludes after the Fire Temple completion.

How to Complete Moon-Gazing Gorons Quest

To complete the Moon-Gazing Gorons quest in TOTK, players must head to Lake Ferona Cave (1931, 1325, 0136) and wait until exactly midday in-game.

Then, Link will be able to use his Camera to take a picture of a full moon on the ground, which is formed by sunlight shining through a hole in the cave roof.

If you don't have the Camera yet, simply return to Lookout Landing and talk to Robbie and Josha. This will guide you to The Depths where Robbie will give you the Purah Pad upgrade at the Iayusus Lightroot.

To start the Moon-Gazing Gorons quest in Zelda TOTK, simply talk to the two elderly Gorons who are standing in front of the inn, in the center of Goron City.

Two Elderly Gorons in Moon-Gazing Gorons Quest

The duo will tell you that they’re looking for a cave where the full moon is visible during the middle of the day.

Although they do state that the cave in question is somewhere at Lake Ferona in Eldin Canyon, that’s all they give you to go off!

Thankfully, we’ve got the location for you below. First, head south from Goron City to find Lake Ferona, or alternatively, fast travel to Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower and head east.

Moon Gazing Gorons Cave Location in Zelda TOTK

Then, the cave you’re looking for is on the west end of Lake Ferona at coordinates (1931, 1325, 0136).

If you stand on the rocky outcrop in the lake, you’ll see Lake Ferona Cave’s entrance directly to the north.

Where to Find Moon Gazing Gorons Picture

Where to Get a Picture of the Full Moon Shining on the Ground

To get a picture of the full moon shining on the ground in TOTK, players need to stand inside Lake Ferona Cave (1931, 1325, 0136) at exactly 12 PM in-game.

At this point, a ‘moon’ will be visible thanks to the sun shining through a hole in the cave roof overhead.

Full Moon Picture in Moon Gazing Gorons Zelda TOTK

To fast forward to noon and get your picture, you could drop a pile of wood and light it on fire (either by hitting flint with a metal weapon or by using Fire Fruit).

Then, interact with the fire to wait until noon.

Where to Get a Picture of the Full Moon Shining on the Ground

At 12 PM, the sun coming in from the cave’s roof will create a perfect full moon on the ground. Use your Camera (L) to take a picture, then return to the Gorons outside the inn.

Talk to the Gorons and show them the picture when prompted. This will complete the Moon-Gazing Gorons quest and reward Link with a Silver Rupee (worth 100 Green Rupees).

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