Key Points
Completion Time:
5 - 10 Minutes
1 Light of Blessing
1 Opal

If you are in for a quick shrine with an easy solution before visiting Zora’s Domain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Mogawak Shrine is the perfect option!

This shrine is easy to solve, and cracking the puzzles in it requires minimal use of Ultrahand building. Additionally, getting to its location is simple, especially if you have explored the eastern part of Hyrule.

Your reward for completing this one is an Opal and the usual Light of Blessing. So without further ado, let’s get you all you need to know about solving and finding Mogawak Shrine in TOTK!

How to Solve The Power of Water Puzzle in Mogawak Shrine

To solve the Power of Water Puzzle, you need to build a watermill on the right side of the shrine. Then use the battery Zonai Device to power both charging pads in the room.

This will get you to the chest on the left and to the altar at the upper level of the shrine.

  1. After entering the Mogawak Shrine, you will see a circular turbine on the wall. This device has a single paddle and is next to a stream of water flowing from above. You need to convert the turbine into a watermill.
    • Locate a rectangular stone slab below the turbine in the puddle of water below.
    • Use the Ultrahand ability to connect that stone slab to the superior part of the turbine. Attach it precisely on the opposite side of the other paddle. You can look at the image below for reference on this build.
    • Finally, use Ultrahand and grab the upper paddle. Carefully move it to the left to get the paddle in contact with the water. The force of water will make the turbine spin, converting it into a power-producing watermill.
    • Once the watermill keeps spinning, you will know you’ve successfully solved this puzzle at Mogawak Shrine. Also, the powerline attached to it remains a bright yellow.
Watermill The Power of Water Mogawak Shrine Puzzle Solution Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Once power is running through the watermill, grab the Battery Zonai Device in the middle of the room with Ultrahand. Then, position the battery on the pad at the end of the yellow power line to charge it.
    • There is no need to attach the battery to the charging pad surface. Simply positioning it on top will charge it.
    • The battery will fill up and glow yellow, indicating it has reached complete charge. At this point, you can use Ultrahand to remove it.
Battery Zonai Device The Power of Water Puzzle Mogawak Shrine Solution Tears of the Kingdom
  1. If you are not interested in getting the chest with an Opal as a reward, jump to the next section for the final Mogawak Shrine puzzle solution. Else, you can use the charged battery to unlock the small room on the left and get the chest by following these steps:
    • Move the battery next to the charging pad on the room’s left side. This is the pad close to the pit full of water. Do not put the battery on top of the pad just yet!
    • Now, use Ultrahand, and below the water, there will be two spheres that you need to grab and get close to one another.
    • Once the spheres are as near as possible to each other, swim to the other side. The whole setup should look like the one in the image below.
    • After reaching the other side, use Ultrahand to move and place the battery on the charging pad. The electricity will flow to one of the spheres, and due to their proximity, it will conduct power to the other sphere. This will unlock the room with the Opal-containing chest.
Mogawak Shrine The Power of Water Electricity Puzzle Solution TOTK
  1. To get to the altar of the Mogawak Shrine and get a solution for its final puzzle in TOTK, you’ll need to charge the battery again at the pad near the watermill and use it to turn on the wind-powered elevator.
    • Position the battery on the watermill pad to charge it. Now simply position it on the charging pad in front of the wind-powered elevator.
    • Most likely, you won’t be able to get in the elevator fast enough, as it ascends pretty quickly once the battery is placed on the pad.
    • If this is the case, just wait for the battery to drain. Once the elevator is down, get inside and use the Recall ability on it. This will make the elevator go up once again.
    • As soon as the elevator reaches the upper level, get off it, and you should now be right in front of the altar.
Elevator Puzzle The Power of Water Solution TOTK

Mogawak Shrine Location & Map

The Mogawak Shrine is right below one of the staircases that lead to Zora’s Domain in the Lanayru Great Spring area in eastern Hyrule.

The exact coordinates for this Shrine are 3299, 0424, 0112. Furthermore, you can quickly reach this location by paragliding from the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.

Magawak Shrine Location and Map Tears of the Kingdom
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