The Makasura Shrine is one of the more tricky ones to complete in Tears of the Kingdom. However, once you know how to use the Upright Devices properly, you’ll solve it with no problem.

Here’s how to get to the end of the Makasura Shrine in TOTK:

How to Solve An Upright Device – Makasura Shrine

To solve the Makasura Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must use Upright Devices to create platforms you can glide from or catapults that shoot you into the air.

Follow the steps below, and you’ll reach the end in no time:

  • Run up to the first wall and stand next to it.
  • Use Ascend to get to the top.
TOTK Makasura Shrine Ascend
  • Walk around, and you’ll see an Upright Device attached to a ramp.
  • Hit the Upright Device to make the ramp stand up.
  • Use Ultrahand to move the now vertical ramp next to the edge of the ledge.
TOTK Makasura Shrine Crossing the First Gap
  • Use Ascend to get on top of the ramp.
  • Paraglide across the gap to the next section.
  • Using Ultrahand, place the ramp attached to the Upright Device next to the gate on the left.
TOTK Makasura Shrine Get Over the Gate
  • Use Ascend to get up or climb to the top, then hop over the gate.
  • Attach the Upright Device to the ramp with a bowl on it.
  • Place the ball inside the bowl – do not attach it, just drop it.
TOTK Makasura Shrine Catapult
  • You also stand on top of the bowl.
  • Shoot the upright device with an arrow to launch both you and the ball over the gate.
  • Drop the ball into the hole to unlock the other gate.
TOTK Makasura Shrine Ball
  • Attach the ramp with a bowl to the ramp you used to get over the gate previously.
  • Move this new large ramp to the edge before the gap.
TOTK Makasura Shrine Final Puzzle
  • Stand in the bowl and shoot the Upright Device with an arrow.
  • This will launch you into the air, allowing you to get to the exit of the Makasura Shrine.
TOTK Makasura Shrine Glide

Makasura Shrine Location & Map

The Makasura Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is located at the top of a hill, just southwest of Kakariko Village.

The map coordinates for it are: (1768, -1055, 0166).

TOTK Makasura Shrine Map

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