Here’s where to find the Light Dragon in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK, and how to lower its flight path.

The Light Dragon is the first dragon that players will encounter in Zelda: TOTK and the only one required to find for a main story quest. Unlike the other dragons that appear in the skies above Hyrule, this new addition did not appear in Breath of the Wild.

In this guide, we will help you locate the Light Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom, which circles the entirety of the TOTK map on its flight path.

We’ll also provide details for every way you can reach it in-game, including the necessary quests you’ll need to complete in order to climb aboard the majestic creature with ease.

Where to Find the Light Dragon in Zelda TOTK

The easiest way to find the Light Dragon in Zelda: TOTK is by completing the main story quests: The Dragon’s Tears, and Recovering the Hero’s Sword.

Initially, the Light Dragon is flying extremely high in the air, putting it well out of reach to all but the most determined of players. It is possible to reach it without completing the quests above, by launching yourself from the Great Sky Island using a flying machine.

Light Dragon Flying Away in TOTK

However, there by following this guide, you’ll find a way to lower its flight path significantly, making it far easier to land on.

SPOILERS AHEAD: This guide will contain minor spoilers for two of The Legend of Zelda: TOTK's main quests. We have taken care to avoid spoiling key story moments where possible.

How to Lower the Light Dragon Path

TOTK players can lower the Light Dragon’s height significantly by finishing The Dragon’s Tears Main Quest.

This mission will be given to Link from Impa immediately after completing the ‘Impa and the Geoglyphs’ quest, which is received from Serenne Stable, on the road to Rito Village.

The Dragon’s Tears mission will reveal most of the events that took place in Hyrule’s past, before Ganondorf was sealed away. Simply travel to each of TOTK’s Dragon Tears locations to view a memory from long ago.

Completing The Dragon's Tears in Zelda TOTK

Once the final Dragon’s Tear has been located, the Light Dragon will spawn above Link’s position and lower its flying height from around 1500-2200 meters to just 700-800 meters.

It is now possible to reach the creature from a Skyview Tower or with a Zonai flying machine. But there’s another step that makes reaching the Light Dragon even easier in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Mark the Light Dragon Location on Your Map

To mark the Light Dragon’s location on your map, you’ll need to enter Korok Forest and defeat Phantom Ganon inside the Great Deku Tree.

To get to Korok Forest, players need to head inside the Minshi Woods Chasm at (1057, 1661, 0162).

Minshi Woods Chasm Location Zelda TOTK

Once inside, head northwest until you get to Korok Grove and encounter a strange empty temple structure.

The route from Minshi Grove to Korok Grove in TOTK

Thanks to the low ceiling, you’ll be able to use Ascend to zip straight up into Korok Forest.

The structure you need to ascend through to get into Korok Forest

Hop inside the Great Deku Tree and you’ll drop down the Deku Tree Chasm. Here you’ll face off against the terrifying Gloom Hands, followed by a boss fight against Phantom Ganon.

Once Ganon is defeated, fast travel back to Korok Forest and talk to the Great Deku Tree. After a brief cutscene, Link’s longtime ally will reveal the location of the Master Sword – and with it, the Light Dragon!

Link and Zelda looking at the Master Sword in TOTK

Now, you know exactly where to find the Light Dragon, with its location permanently marked on your map in Zelda: TOTK. If you’ve already lowered its flight path, climbing aboard should become a breeze!

The Light Dragon Path in Zelda: TOTK

The Light Dragon flies on the following path in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK. Each lap of Hyrule takes roughly two hours to complete, making it hard to find unless you have its location marked on your map.

Initially, the dragon will be flying 1500-2200 meters above the ground, but completing The Dragon’s Tears quest will lower that height to just 700-800 meters.

Light Dragon Path Map TOTK

Unlike the other dragons that call Hyrule their home, the Light Dragon never flies through a chasm into the Depths.

How to Get On the Light Dragon in Zelda TOTK

To get on top of the Light Dragon, simply fast-travel to the nearest Skyview Tower and then launch yourself into the air. If you’ve completed The Dragon’s Tears quest, the Light Dragon will be low enough for you to land on it with no issues.

What’s more, fast traveling will not affect the Light Dragon’s location, allowing you to move easily to meet it without worrying that it’ll zoom away.

How to Get on the Light Dragon

Unlike other dragons, the Light Dragon will not attack Link, nor does it have any sort of elemental damage for players to worry about. Simply land on the dragon and make your way to its head to find the Master Sword.

But you’ll need two full rings of Stamina (one in addition to the base ring) in order to pull it loose and claim the hero’s blade!

All Light Dragon Material Drops

Dragon MaterialHow to GetFuse Bonus
Light Dragon’s Horn-Hit the Horns on the Light Dragon’s Head+20 Attack
Light Dragon’s Scale-Hit the Light Dragon’s Body+12 Attack
Light Dragon’s Talon-Hit the Foot of the Light Dragon (Use a Bow)+14 Attack
Shard of Light Dragon’s Fang-Hit the Lower Jaw of the Light Dragon (Use a Bow)+16 Attack
Shard of Light Dragon’s Spike-Hit Glowing Spikes on Light Dragon’s Back
-Pick Up From Near Light Dragon’s Spikes
+12 Attack
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