Key Points
Completion Time:
10 - 15 Minutes
1 Light of Blessing
1 Large Zonai Charge

The Joniu Shrine is a perfect spot to get an easy Light of Blessing before visiting Zora’s Domain in Tears of the Kingdom.

You won’t need to struggle with a complex puzzle to solve this one, as it is one of the few Shrines that don’t require a puzzle to reach the altar.

However, the tricky part with the Joniu Shrine is finding it, as it is underground. What’s more, activating this Shrine also requires you to complete a minor Shrine Quest.

Where to Find the Joniu Shrine in TOTK

You can find the Joniu Shrine underground, inside the Ralis Channel. In detail, this subterranean water channel is accessible from the Ralis Pond, south of the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.

The Shrine is only accessible after solving “The Ralis Channel Crystal” Shrine Quest, which you can start and complete in the same location.

  1. If you have already unlocked the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, fast travel to this location. Otherwise, you can travel as close as possible to Zora’s Domain in the northeastern part of Hyrule.
Upland Zorana Skyview Tower Location and Map Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Once at the Skytower or near this region, travel to the Ralis Pond. This pond is a small shallow body of water directly south of the Skytower.
  2. As soon as you reach the pond, you will see a small cave entrance leading to the Ralis Channel. Enter this location.
Ralis Pond and Channel Location and Map Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Inside Ralis Channel, you will find a green glowing crystal. Interact with the crystal by approaching it and selecting “Examine.” This will trigger “The Ralis Channel Crystal” Shrine Quest.
The Ralis Channel Crystal Shrine Quest The Legend of Zelda TOTK
  1. To solve this quest, you must take the crystal to the other side of the water channel, where the green beam is pointing. To achieve this, you’ll have to build a raft with the wood planks and Zonai Devices scattered around.
    • This raft can be as complex or as simple as you want. You can go with whatever build you prefer as long as it takes you upstream to the location where the green beam is pointing. We are adding an image of the very simple raft build we used in the image below.
    • Pro-tip: You can attach the green crystal to the raft. This will prevent the crystal from rolling around and falling into the water.
The Ralis Channel Crystal Shrine Quest The Legend of Zelda TOTK Raft Build
  1. Lastly, to unlock the Shrine, use Ultrahand to get the green crystal to the location the beam indicates. Once the crystal is there, it will become the Joniu Shrine, and you will be able to activate it in TOTK.
Unlocking Joniu Shrine Location Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Finally, you only need to enter the Joniu Shrine in TOTK and get the rewards. There is no puzzle here. Instead, you are greeted with an area called Rauru’s Blessing. In this location, there’s just a staircase that leads to the following rewards:
    • A chest containing a Large Zonai Charge
    • The altar with a Light of Blessing
Rauru's Blessing Joniu Shrine TOTK
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