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Zelda TOTK Item Duplication Glitch: New Easiest Method (Working in Version 1.1.2)

Resource management just got a lot easier!

There’s a new, incredibly simple method of item duplication in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK and it outclasses all prior methods.

Tears of the Kingdom has barely released and already multiple duplication glitches have been found by Zelda fans. Unfortunately, with the 1.1.2 update, many of these exploits have been patched out.

But now there’s still one easy item duplication glitch that Zelda: TOTK players can abuse to clone their favorite materials.

It’s completely safe, relatively simple, and it’ll still leave you with an inventory full of diamonds in no time.

How to Duplicate Items in Zelda: TOTK

If you want to save time, make easy money, or protect your precious resources, here’s how to duplicate items in Tears of the Kingdom:

How to Duplicate Items in Zelda: TOTK

To duplicate any item from your Tears of the Kingdom inventory, follow these steps:

  • First, this method requires that you get to Tarrey Town (Coordinates: 3993, 1633, 0128). This is because you’ll need to use the item-splitting services offered by Pelison, the young Goron.
How to Get to Tarrey Town in Zelda TOTK
  • You will need to equip a weapon that isn’t already fused to another object.
  • Then, find the material you want to duplicate and drop it on the ground.
Duplicate Diamonds in Zelda TOTK
  • Press L and select Fuse. Fuse your weapon with the item you want to duplicate.
Fuse a Diamond in Zelda TOTK
  • Now, Save the game manually.
Save the Game Zelda TOTK
  • Next, you’re going to hold R as if you are going to throw your weapon.
  • The moment you release the R button, press + and Load your last save.
Duplicate Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Trick
  • If you got the timing right, your weapon will now be on the floor in front of you while still being equipped!
  • Both items will have the materials fused to them (in this case diamonds) which have also been duplicated.
Split Apart Weapons Zelda TOTK
  • To get the items back, talk to Pelison who will split apart any Fused item for the price of 20 Rupees.
  • Use his services twice and you’ll now be able to pick up twice the materials that you started with!
Free Diamond in Zelda TOTK

This method works on any material item in TOTK. However, if you want to instead duplicate weapons, check here for the new Weapon Duplication method in the 1.1.2 update!

Use this duplication glitch to your advantage and you could easily build your own custom dream house in Tears of the Kingdom!

After all, this is now one of the fastest ways to earn money in TOTK, even beating out the Zonai Wing minigame method. We’d recommend not abusing it too hard or this game will become a breeze!

Thanks to BLAINES on YouTube for showing us how this method works. Check out his full video guide below:

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