Key Points
Completion Time:
10 Minutes
Maximum Rupees
Must Haves:
Ledge, Horse, and Vendor NPC

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, getting the necessary Rupees to purchase that rare item you want or a shiny new armor piece can be a hassle.

However, you can stop worrying about spending hours farming for Rupees with the aid of this easy infinite rupees TOTK glitch.

By just combining two popular glitches, you can be part of the riches of Hyrule! Let us show you every step you need to get all the Rupees you’ve ever wanted.

How to Get Infinite Rupees in Zelda: TOTK

To get an infinite amount of Rupees in Zelda: TOTK, players will need to gather up materials to sell, find a horse, and use a combination of two popular glitches; Hold Smuggling and Vendor Scamming.

Use the Hold Smuggling Glitch – Discovered by “Ryan?”, !NaN Gogh, and Mozz.

  1. The easiest location to complete this glitch is at Lookout Landing, coordinates -209, 0080, 0021.
    • It has a ledge, it is near horses, and there is a vendor you can use to sell your items.
Lookout Landing Location TOTK
  1. Place a horse under a small ledge so that you can easily jump on top of it.
  2. Hold down R and choose any item to throw.
    • The item you choose will not affect the glitch, so anything will work.
  3. While in the throw animation, jump down toward your horse, but press + to pause the game just before you land on it.


  1. This will lead you to your Inventory screen, and it will allow you to hold items despite being in mid-air.
  2. Now, from your inventory, hold at least one of any item you are looking to sell to get infinite Rupees in Zelda TOTK.


  1. Once you have everything in hand, press – to go into the Adventure Log.
  2. Load up one of Link’s Memories.
  3. Press X and then + to skip it since you do not need to watch it for the glitch to work.
  4. After that plays, you’ll need to press + one more time to head back into your inventory.
  5. You’ll need to hold the same items that were you holding when you first jumped on the horse.
  6. To play it safe, hold them in the same order as before.
  7. Press B, and you should land on the horse.
  8. This will cause the items that you are holding to hit the ground and move around due to the wind.
Hold Smuggling Glitch
  1. This means that you have successfully completed the Hold Smuggling glitch.
  2. Take your horse and head to the vendor.
  3. When you’re near the vendor, hold R and pick an object to throw.
  4. Now, press ZL and A to talk to the vendor.
  5. Speak with them, and ask them to buy your items.
  6. Once in your inventory, you’ll see the items you are holding highlighted in blue.
  7. Now, you can begin to use a second glitch to help Link obtain infinite Rupees in Zelda TOTK.

Use the Vendor Scamming Glitch – Discovered by NX721, !NaN Gogh, and Mozz.

  1. Select the item that you are currently holding at the vendor.
  2. Choose “I’ll sell all of them.”
Sell All Items TOTK
  1. It’ll show the original total of items that you had before you held any.
  2. Press Yes to confirm the sale.
  3. You’ll see a negative amount in your inventory for the item you just sold.
  4. If you were holding multiple items, make sure to sell all of them.
  5. After you’ve sold everything, press B to return to the list of options.
  6. Choose “Buy My Stuff” again.


  1. Once the inventory opens up again to sell, you’ll notice that everything you had just sold is back in your items.
  2. Now, you’ll need to repeat the process and sell all the items you hold.
  3. Repeat this process to obtain an infinite amount of Rupees in Zelda TOTK and quickly reach the maximum amount of 999,999.

This glitch will ensure that you can sell your items without losing them. It is recommended to use Diamonds or any other expensive ores since this will yield the best results.

If you have 300 Diamonds in your inventory, you could obtain up to 150,000 Rupees each time you use this glitch.

Using this method, players could realistically reach the maximum amount of Rupees in less than five minutes.

YouTube content creator Suishi discovered this method and provided a detailed video for any players that would like to see a visual of the glitch in action.