One of Zelda: TOTK’s fastest animals is also one of its most useful – here’s where to find Hot Footed Frogs in Tears of the Kingdom!

Whether you’re crafting elixirs for a speed boost, upgrading your armor, or completing side quests, you’ll need to get your hands on more than a few Hot Footed Frogs.

Where to Find Hot Footed Frogs in Zelda TOTK

The Hot Footed Frog is a common spawn in Zelda TOTK, particularly in areas with a shallow water source. They are often found inside wells, or in areas surrounding lakes.

In addition, Hot Footed Frogs can be purchased from Beedle, the traveling salesman, at the following locations:

  • Outskirt Stable (-1449, -1269, 0076)
Outskirt Stable Location and Map Tears of the Kingdom
  • Dueling Peaks Stable (1761, -1925, 0026)
  • Wetland Stable (0888, -0174, 0071)
Wetland Stable Location and Map Tears of the Kingdom

Hot Footed Frog Best Farming Location

The best place to farm Hot Footed Frogs in Zelda TOTK is Hateno Village’s underground well system.

Best Farming Spot Hot Footed Frog Zelda TOTK

The village’s wells are all connected by an underground passage and there are plenty of amphibians roaming around below the town.

Hateno Village is found to the southeast of the map at (3396, -2133, 0120). Once there, simply drop down any of the wells and you’ll find a cavern full of frogs to collect.

Hot Footed Frog Zelda TOTK

Other great locations for Hot Footed Frog farming are:

  • Mipha Court, east of Zora’s Domain.
  • The waters of Lanayru Great Spring
  • Hanu and Koto Pond in East Necluda

After catching all the Frogs in a given area, simply fast-travel away and then return to your farming location for a fresh set of spawns.

How to Catch Hot Footed Frog

To catch a Hot Footed Frog, press the Left Stick in to crouch, then slowly approach the animal. When you’re close enough, press A to pick up the creature.

If you approach too quickly or Link is spotted, the Frog will run away with quite some speed. In these instances it’s possible to run after it and mash A to grab the creature, but it will soon disappear by jumping into the water or heading underground.

How to Catch Hot Footed Frogs in Zelda TOTK

Link can also use stealthy armor or elixirs to make Hot Footed Frogs easier to approach, but these items aren’t necessary.

All Hot Footed Frog Uses in Zelda TOTK

The Hot Footed Frog is mostly used for making Hasty Elixirs or upgrading the Climbing Gear armor set.

By combining the Hot Footed Frog in a cooking pot alongside monster parts, Link can craft Hasty Elixirs, which grant the Speed Up effect.

All Hot Footed Frog Uses in Zelda TOTK

In addition, by visiting the Great Fairies, Link can upgrade his armor by exchanging certain materials. In the case of the Climbing Gear, you’ll need 10 Hot Footed Frogs per piece (30 in total) to upgrade the set.

A further 10 Hot Footed Frogs are needed to complete the Manny’s Beloved side quest in Hateno Village. In this quest, Manny aims to give his beloved, Ms. Ivee, a gift to make her happy – which turns out to be Frogs.

Finally, Hot Footed Frogs can also be used at Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village to create Green Dye.

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