The Legend of Zelda: TOTK is finally here, and those who want to experience its story will need to hunt for Dragon’s Tears.

By finding these small pools at each of Hyrule’s 11 Geoglyphs, Link will get a glimpse at what Zelda has been up to and how Tears of the Kingdom’s world came to be in such disarray.

Here’s where to find all 11 Geoglyphs and all 12 memories held within the TOTK Dragon’s Tears.

All Dragon’s Tears Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

There are a total of 12 Dragon’s Tears to discover across Hyrule.

The first 11 will be located inside teardrops on each of the world’s Geoglyphs, but the 12th and final Tear will only appear once you’ve found all the others:

All Dragon's Tears Locations in Zelda TOTK
Dragon’s Tear Locations on each Geoglyph in Zelda: TOTK

It’s also worth noting that each of these Dragon’s Tears can be collected in any order, however, the memories they contain will always be the same.

If you want to see the story in its chronological order, make sure you work your way through the Tears from 1-12.

Also, we’d HIGHLY suggest getting your hands on the Glide Suit in TOTK to make getting to each Dragon’s Tear easier!

Dragon’s Tear 1

Shortly after completing the Zelda: TOTK prologue, Link can meet Cado on the road leading west out of Lookout Landing, beginning the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest.

Head to the Hyrule Ridge location marked on your map. You’ll meet Impa there and go on a hot air balloon ride over the first glyph.

Here you’ll discover the first Dragon’s Tear and receive a quest to find the rest.

Dragon Tear 1 Location Tears of the Kingdom
  • Memory: Where Am I?
  • Location: North Hyrule Plain
  • Tear Position: Right Eye
  • Coordinates: (-1416, 0965, 0124)
First Dragon Tear Location Zelda TOTK

Memory Synopsis:

Zelda wakes up in a strange location and meets Rauru, the founder of Hyrule, and his wife, Sonia.

Dragon’s Tear 2

Dragon’s Tear 2 is located northwest of Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower in TOTK, making that a perfect place to launch yourself over from.

To make this guide easier to follow, make sure you know the location of all Skyview Towers in Zelda TOTK!

Dragon's Tear 2 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: An Unfamiliar World
  • Location: Tabantha Hills
  • Tear Position: Center of the Temple
  • Coordinates: (2550, 1881, 0319)
Second Dragon's Tear Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Zelda discovers she is in the past. Rauru tells her that Mineru, the Sage of Time, could help her learn about her new abilities.

Dragon’s Tear 3

The Purah Pad Geoglyph is directly south of Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. The Dragon’s Tear is waiting in the center of the glyph.

Dragon Tear 3 location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: Mineru’s Counsel
  • Location: Between Eldin Canyon and Lanayru Wetlands
  • Tear Position: Center of the Purah Pad
  • Coordinates: (1829, 0739, 0090)
Third Dragon Tear Location Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Zelda learns that she contains both the power of time and light. Mineru, who can also control time, offers to help her. She also fills her in on the Zonai’s Secret Stones and the powers they hold.

Dragon’s Tear 4

We’re not sure what shape this Geoglyph is meant to be, but we can still tell you where to find that Dragon’s Tear. This time, the tiny pool is hiding under the tree cover that obscures part of the glyph.

Travel north from Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, and you’ll find it without issue.

Dragon's Tear 4 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: The Gerudo Assault
  • Location: West Necluda
  • Tear Position: Top Left Spiral (Hidden Under Trees)
  • Coordinates: (0698, -1313, 0053)
Fourth Dragon's Tear Location Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Ganondorf, chief of the Gerudo, launches an attack on Hyrule. Zelda and Mineru use their powers channeled through Rauru to wipe out the attacking force. Ganondorf sets his sights on the Secret Stones of the Zonai.

Dragon’s Tear 5

This Dragon’s Tear is easy to spot from the top of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. However, take care when flying in – you’ll need to land on the Geoglyph’s Shoulder to avoid a lengthy climb.

Dragon's Tear 5 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: A Show of Fealty
  • Location: North of the Gerudo Desert
  • Tear Position: On the Shoulder
  • Coordinates: (3179, 1703, 0410)
Fifth Dragon's Tear Location Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Ganondorf pledges fealty to Rauru, but secretly his desire is set on the stones of the Zonai people.

Dragon’s Tear 6

Right near #5, Dragon’s Tear #6 is north of Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. Look at the base of the Geoglyph’s flowing hair to spot your next memory with ease.

Dragon's Tear 6 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: Zelda and Sonia
  • Location: Illumeni Plateau
  • Tear Position: Toward the Bottom of the Hair
  • Coordinates: (3098, -0079, 0211)
Sixth Dragon's Tear Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Zelda and Sonia discuss their time-altering abilities, with Sonia showing Zelda the power of Recall. The princess then tells Rauru and Sonia about Link.

Dragon’s Tear 7

This Geoglyph is about as far to the southeast as the Hyrule mainland can be. The best way there is to travel southeast from the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower.

Dragon's Tear 7 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: Sonia Is Caught By Treachery
  • Location: Gogobi Shores
  • Tear Position: On the Left Side of the Sword Hilt
  • Coordinates: (3323, -3558, 0005)
Seventh Dragon's Tear Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

‘Zelda’ attacks Sonia, but the imposter is stopped by the real Zelda using Recall. The malicious puppet fades away but Ganondorf himself attacks Sonia and claims her Stone.

Dragon’s Tear 8

North of Tabantha Tundra, this Geoglyph is most accessible by flying northeast from the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower. Be sure to bring protection against the cold!

Dragon's Tear 8 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: Birth of the Demon King
  • Location: North Tabantha Snowfield
  • Tear Position: Center-Left of the Geoglyph, Above the Hand
  • Coordinates: (-1863, 3618, 0237)
Eighth Dragon's Tear Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Ganondorf corrupts the Secret Stone, getting an enormous power boost. He creates an army of monsters all over Hyrule with the creation of the Red Moon. Rauru arrives, and Ganondorf attacks, but Zelda teleports them to safety.

Dragon’s Tear 9

There are no Skyview towers near the Talus Plateau, so this one may be a bit of a trek unless you stop off at Sky Islands along the way. Why not place down a Travel Medallion to teleport back here at any time?

Dragon's Tear 9 Location - Zelda TOTK
  • Memory: The Sages’ Vow
  • Location: Talus Plateau
  • Tear Position: The Bottom Right of the Stone’s Circular Section
  • Coordinates: (4467, -0302, 0075)
Ninth Dragon's Tear Location Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Ganondorf begins taking over Hyrule. The Sages gather for the first time, with Rauru giving each tribe’s leader their own Secret Stone.

Dragon’s Tear 10

On the southwest end of Lake Hylia, this Geoglyph covers a rocky surface. Head back to Popla Foothills Skyview Tower and glide over the water’s surface to find it with ease.

Dragon's Tear 10 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: A King’s Duty
  • Location: Lake Hylia
  • Tear Position: On Top of the Left Flower
  • Coordinates: (-0646, -2686, 0068)
Tenth Dragon Tear Location Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Zelda tells Rauru that defeating Ganondorf won’t work and of the sacrifice, he will have to make. Rauru assures her that he’ll do his duty to protect Hyrule, but it is Link that will ultimately defeat Ganondorf

Dragon’s Tear 11

This giant sword Geoglyph is waiting just east of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. It’s perhaps the easiest Dragon’s Tear to locate, hiding at the tip of the Master Sword blade.

Dragon's Tear 11 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: A Master Sword in Time
  • Location: Eldin Mountains
  • Tear Position: On the Tip of the Blade
  • Coordinates: (0894, 2950, 0363)
Eleventh Dragon's Tear Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Rauru has sealed the evil away, but Zelda isn’t sure Link will be enough to fight Ganondorf in the future.

The Master Sword returns to her to gather strength. Zelda realizes her purpose and vows to become an immortal dragon.

Dragon’s Tear 12

This final Dragon’s Tear in TOTK does not come with a Gyroglyph but is shed from the Dragon itself once all other Tears have been found. It will always be the final one Link can find.

Dragon's Tears 12 Location Zelda TOTK Map
  • Memory: Tears of the Dragon
  • Location: Rist Peninsula
  • Tear Position: In the Center of the Spiral
  • Coordinates: (4532, 2143, 0001)
Final Dragon Tear Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Memory Synopsis:

Zelda gives her Purah Pad to the Steward Construct.

She then swallows her Secret Stone, becoming an immortal dragon but losing herself in the process. The dragon rises into the sky, dedicating herself to charging the Master Sword with sacred power until the day Link arrives.

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