Dragons soar high in the sky in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but you’ll need to know each of the paths they take to land on these great beasts!

Fortunately, each dragon has a set route and flies near at least one Skyview Tower. This means that once you know where they fly, landing on all of them should be pretty straightforward.

How Many Dragons Are There in Tears of the Kingdom?

Four dragons fly high above the map in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They are:

Each of these dragons has a set path where it flies in the sky and in The Depths, below Hyrule.

All Dragon Paths in Tears of the Kingdom

The map below shows all of the paths that the dragons fly along in Tears of the Kingdom.

TOTK All Dragon Paths Map
  • Yellow/Green: Farosh
  • Blue: Naydra
  • Orange: Dinraal
  • White: The Light Dragon

The three elemental dragons fly above the ground and in The Depths. The lighter parts of the lines show the above-ground half of their paths, while the darker color shows the section of their journey in The Depths.

Meanwhile, the Light Dragon soars at a very high altitude above Hyrule.

Farosh, The Lightning Dragon Location & Path

Farosh, the Lightning Dragon, flies around Gerudo Canyon and then east over Lake Hylia before going into The Depths at the Hills of Baumer Chasm.

It then travels west in The Depths before flying up through East Gerudo Chasm to start its path again.

The map below shows Farosh’s path. The yellow line is when Farosh flies in the sky, while the green line is its route in the depths.

Farosh Dragon Path Map Zelda TOTK

The easiest way to land on Farosh in Tears of the Kingdom is to launch into the sky from Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, in the northwest of Farosh’s path. This will put you directly above much of its flying route.

If you plan on landing on Farosh, you will want some Shock Resistance as it shoots lightning balls at you. The best way to resist shock is with the Rubber Armor.

TOTK Farosh The Lightning Dragon

Naydra, The Ice Dragon Location & Path

Naydra, the Ice Dragon’s path starts at Mount Lanayru. It flies south around Hateno Village and then northwest up to Kakariko Village, before heading into The Depths at East Hill Chasm.

Naydra then completes its path by looping around in the Depths and coming back up to the surface world at Naydra Snowfield Chasm.

Naydra Dragon Path Map Zelda TOTK

Naydra is quite easy to land on if you launch into the sky from Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower or Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.

However, when you get close, it will start shooting ice at you. Make sure you’ve got some Cold Resistance clothing before you attempt to land on Naydra!

TOTK Naydra the Ice Dragon

Dinraal, The Fire Dragon Location & Path

Dinraal flies north from East Akkala Plains Chasm and then west, past Death Mountain, to Drenan Highlands Chasm.

It then follows almost exactly the same route back in The Depths before coming out of East Akkala Plains Chasm again.

The map below shows Dinraal’s flight path. The light orange is Dinraal’s path in the sky, while the dark orange is its route in the depths.

Dinraal Dragon Path Map Zelda TOTK

The best way to land on Dinraal is by launching into the air from the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, in the east of its flight path. However, Dinraal heats up the air around it to unbearable temperatures and shoots fireballs at you!

Therefore, before climbing onto Dinraal, you will want to get the Flamebreaker Armor from Gerudo Town so you can survive the extreme heat and fireballs.

Dinraal Dragon Zelda TOTK

The Light Dragon Location & Path

The Light Dragon is the hardest of the four dragons to land on in Tears of the Kingdom, but it is also necessary for the main story.

Not only does it have the longest flight path of all of the dragons that loops around the entire map, but the Light Dragon also soars very high in the sky until you save the Deku Tree or find all of the Dragon’s Tears.

Light Dragon Path Map TOTK

The easiest way to land on the Light Dragon is by first saving the Great Deku Tree in the Korok Forest or by finding all 12 Dragon’s Tears.

Doing either of these will highlight the location of the Master Sword, which is in the Light Dragon’s head, and cause the Light Dragon to fly much lower in the sky.

Landing on the Light Dragon before reaching this point in the story is still possible, but it is extremely difficult. You must jump from Sky Temple, Water Temple, or the Great Sky Plateau to reach it.

Light Dragon Zelda TOTK

How to Get & Farm Dragon Parts in TOTK

You can pick up very powerful materials from Dragons in Tears of the Kingdom. Each of the different dragon parts can be obtained in a different way:

  • Shards of Spike – picked up from the spikes on a dragon’s back
  • Claw – dropped after shooting a dragon’s foot
  • Fang – dropped after shooting a dragon’s mouth
  • Horn – dropped after hitting a dragon’s horn
  • Scale – dropped after hitting or shooting a dragon’s body

Dragons will have multiple Shards of Spike along their back. However, you can only pick up one of the other materials every 10 minutes.

Shard of Farosh Spike Zelda TOTK

As soon as you harvest one of the materials from the dragon by shooting or hitting it, it will stop glowing, indicating you can get no more materials from it. This means that you will have to wait 10 minutes to be able to get another dragon part from it.

Therefore, the easiest way to farm dragon parts in Tears of the Kingdom is simply by waiting on top of the dragon for 10 minutes until it recharges and starts glowing again. While it is very simple, it also takes a while.

Naydra Scale Zelda TOTK

Unfortunately, there’s no faster way to farm dragon materials, so you must be patient to upgrade all of your armor!

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