Key Points
Completion Time:
10 Minutes
Very Easy
Charged Shirt
Charged Trousers
Charged Headdress
Thunderhead Isles Access
Must Haves:
Zonai Charge x 1
Required For:
Completing 'Secret of the Ring Ruins' main quest

To solve the riddle of the Dracozu Lake in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK, Link will have to acquire all 3 pieces of Charged Armor. Here’s where to find each one:

Dracozu Lake is one of Tears of the Kingdom’s more interesting landmarks. As a lake shaped like a dragon, jaws and all, there was almost certainly some secret to find there.

As it turns out, Dracozu Lake will be a major location in the main story quest ‘Secret of the Ring Ruins’. And it’s there that you’ll find all pieces of the Charged Armor Set.

Where to Find the Charged Armor Set in Zelda: TOTK

Where to Find the Charged Armor Set in Zelda: TOTK

There are three pieces of Charged Armor to find in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Charged Headdress
  • Charged Shirt
  • Charged Trousers

Each one can be found underneath dragon pillars along the body of the Dracozu River, which are found at the following locations:

All Charged Armor Set Pieces Zelda TOTK

Here’s a closer look at each pillar’s location. Each one contains nothing but a Treasure Chest containing an item of Charged Armor.

Charged Shirt

After finding Tauru’s base camp in the Dracozu Lake, players will see a dragon statue that they can head inside.

Here, they’ll talk to Tauro and find instructions to ‘wear the electric garb hidden at long-necked dragons alon the wide-mouthed forest serpent’.

Charged Shirt Location Zelda TOTK

Tauro will point out that there’s a treasure chest waiting inside this very chamber, and inside Link will find the Charged Shirt.

How to Get the Charged Shirt in Zelda TOTK

Now, there are just two more pieces of clothing to discover:

Charged Trousers

The Charged Trousers are waiting inside the dragon pillar around halfway down Dracozu River. This doorway will be blocked by rocks that need to be broken by a heavy weapon or bomb arrow.

Charged Trousers Location Zelda TOTK

Inside, with no other distractions, is a chest containing the Charged Trousers.

How to Get Charged Trousers in Zelda TOTK

Charged Headdress

The Charged Headdress is your final piece of armor, found inside the pillar at the south end of the Dracozu River. This pillar is blocked by vines which can be cut with a sharp weapon.

Charged Headdress Location Zelda TOTK

Inside the chamber, there will be one last chest, and your Charged Headdress waiting within.

How to Get Charged Headdress Zelda TOTK

How to Solve Dracozu Lake Riddle

The Dracozu Lake temple contains the following inscription:

“Wear the electric garb hidden at long-necked dragons alon the wide-mouthed forest serpent. Offer a Zonai Charge to the altar at the tail.”

After finding all 3 pieces of the Charged Armor Set, make sure to have them all equipped.

Zelda TOTK How to Get the Charged Armor (Dracozu Lake Riddle Solution)

Then, follow the Dracozu River all the way to the end and you’ll find one final dragon statue. Inside, there will be no chest, but an altar.

Find a Zonai Charge from your inventory (loot dropped by Constructs) and place it on the altar. If this is done while wearing the Charged Armor Set, lightning will strike.

How to Solve Dracozu Lake Riddle

Then, a new set of sky islands known as Thunderhead Isles will reveal themselves. Launch yourself from Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to reach the island and you can continue on your quest to find the fifth Sage in Tears of the Kingdom!

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